“ Because my country — our country — means more than my money. ”

Charlie Fink, former AOL executive



I don’t want to add to my personal net worth at the expense of my fellow Americans. I can pay more, I should pay more, and I reject the false concept that we wealthy Americans are the job creators who will leave the country with our money if we’re asked to pay our fair share. —Karen Stewart, Patriotic Millionaire and Angel Investor



President Biden is right. We know it, everyone at home knows it, even the rich who want to get away with it know it: The tax system is not fair.

Absolutely quadruple the tax on stock buybacks!

Absolutely crack down on wealthy tax cheats!

We can do all that and more!
. @POTUS has got it right - giving American workers a living wage increases productivity and economic growth.

Raising the minimum wage is a win-win for everyone, including business owners like us. #SOTU