Facing Inflation, Congress Must Raise the Minimum Wage

Nearly everyone is feeling the effects of inflation these days. With an 8.5% inflation rate over the last year, prices are rising in almost every sector of our economy, and millions of American families are having a harder time affording the essentials. While this is a widespread crisis, it’s one that is particularly devastating for our nation’s low-wage workers. The federal minimum wage currently sits … Continue reading Facing Inflation, Congress Must Raise the Minimum Wage »

Why Billionaires Don’t Stress About Tax Day

This past Monday was Tax Day, which is undoubtedly no American’s favorite holiday. But the pain of Tax Day is not shared by all. While the typical American pays a good amount of every paycheck in taxes and hopes to get a refund after submitting their return, the ultra-wealthy have a variety of tools at their disposal that allows them to keep Tax Day virtually … Continue reading Why Billionaires Don’t Stress About Tax Day »

The New Generation Labor Movement

After a four-decade-long onslaught of anti-union propaganda at the hands of mega-corporations, we are finally beginning to see a resurgence of the American labor movement. Labor unions have historically used the power of collective bargaining to demand many of the rights we now take for granted. Things like the 40-hour workweek, overtime pay, workplace safety regulations, and the right to organize and negotiate with employers … Continue reading The New Generation Labor Movement »

Billionaire Wealth is Better Than Ever

You’ve heard it from us before, but it still stands to be repeated – while millions of working people’s lives have been devastated by the last two years, the richest Americans are doing better than ever. Billionaire wealth has more than doubled and both corporate profits and corporate executive pay have hit record highs, all while the living conditions of most Americans have remained stagnant … Continue reading Billionaire Wealth is Better Than Ever »

Inequality is Out of Control

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we can no longer ignore the widening disparity between the richest Americans and the rest of the country. We’ve seen billionaire wealth (and some billionaires themselves) skyrocket to unprecedented levels, while most Americans are just struggling to get by. This is simply unsustainable – we are reaching a point where inequality is so extreme that … Continue reading Inequality is Out of Control »

Setting the Record Straight on Inflation

With a vote on President Biden’s Build Back Better plan looming ahead in the Senate, centrist and right-wing politicians are yet again wringing their hands over the prospect of inflation. Some Senators, most notably West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, have cited inflation as a potential reason to delay the passage of the Build Back Better Act. While it’s true that inflation is on the rise, there … Continue reading Setting the Record Straight on Inflation »

Billionaires Play by a Different Set of Rules

Over the weekend, online personality, self-described “edge lord,” and richest person alive Elon Musk taunted Americans on Twitter in response to a Democratic proposal that would tax unrealized gains for the obscenely wealthy. The billionaire lamented that, because of his meager salary, in order to pay his tax bill under the billionaires income tax he would be forced to sell some of his hundreds of … Continue reading Billionaires Play by a Different Set of Rules »

Democrats Cannot Pass This Tax Cut for Millionaires

Democrats just can’t get out of their own way. As negotiations around the Build Back Better Act continue, a small group of House Democrats are undermining their party’s ability to sell the legislation to the American people by including a proposal in the Act to lift the state and local tax (SALT) deduction cap. Doing so would put more money into the pockets of millionaires … Continue reading Democrats Cannot Pass This Tax Cut for Millionaires »

A (Tiny) Step in the Right

This week, Congressional Democrats are knee-deep in the trenches of negotiations over the final details of President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda. The President’s initial $3.5 trillion proposal included new spending for social programs and bold tax increases on the wealthy and corporations, including a tax on billionaires’ unrealized capital gains and significant increases in corporate, income, and capital gains tax rates. But now it … Continue reading A (Tiny) Step in the Right »


This year, the incoming chill of fall is carrying more than just autumn leaves – it’s bringing with it the winds of change. Workers across America are saying enough is enough in response to stagnant wages, brutal working conditions, and mistreatment of workers in the midst of a recession, global pandemic, and skyrocketing corporate profits. Over 100,000 organized workers from across the country have authorized … Continue reading Striketober »

Tax Havens and Tax Reform

This week, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists released The Pandora Papers, a scathing exposé that details how the world’s wealthiest take advantage of international tax loopholes and tax havens to hide their wealth across the globe. While the report largely focuses on the finances of international leaders and elites, the fact that the wealthy are using loopholes to dodge their taxes is nothing new … Continue reading Tax Havens and Tax Reform »

Conservative Dems Can’t Handle the Truth

Last week conservative Democrats attempted to sabotage the President’s agenda and they were solidly defeated. Their demand that the House vote on the bipartisan infrastructure package before details of reconciliation were finished, in direct opposition to a deal agreed upon by Democrats in the House, Senate, and White House, would have sabotaged any attempts to pass the desperately needed funding and tax hikes on the … Continue reading Conservative Dems Can’t Handle the Truth »

Congress Should Represent All Americans- Not Just the Rich

With a contentious debate in Congress regarding the reconciliation bill and its passage, it would seem that the bill and its contents (pulled straight from President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda) are controversial among the American people as well. Instead, polls have demonstrated that the vast majority of voters support the bill and its provisions. The only group that consistently opposes the bill and actively … Continue reading Congress Should Represent All Americans- Not Just the Rich »

No Infrastructure without Reconciliation

Last night, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced to her caucus that she plans to bring the bipartisan infrastructure bill up for a vote this Thursday, separate from the budget reconciliation package. This stands in direct contrast to the agreement reached within the Democratic caucus that both bills would proceed simultaneously, and must be rejected by all Democrats who care about advancing the party’s full … Continue reading No Infrastructure without Reconciliation »

The American People Want to Tax the Rich

Tensions are rising in Congress as we near September 27th, the date centrist Democrats are demanding a vote on their bipartisan infrastructure bill. They want to pass infrastructure first at the expense of the much larger, more impactful reconciliation bill, but progressives are promising to vote down infrastructure until the two pass at the same time. With all the fuss, you would think that the … Continue reading The American People Want to Tax the Rich »

Progressives Must Hold Strong

The fight between various factions within the Democratic party over the outcome of the infrastructure and budget reconciliation negotiations is coming to a head. For months the Caucus has been working on a strategy that would put both the infrastructure bill and a budget reconciliation package up for a vote at the same time, satisfying both centrists and progressives. Unfortunately, corporate interests have been out … Continue reading Progressives Must Hold Strong »

Neal’s Tax Plan Has Billionaires Popping Champagne

Earlier this week the House Ways and Means Committee, led by Rep. Richard Neal, released their rewrite of the federal tax code as part of the Democrats’ budget reconciliation proposal. The committee’s proposed changes are, to say the least, completely inadequate. Their proposal preserves the preferential treatment the rich currently receive in the tax code, ensuring that billionaires in America will continue to pay a … Continue reading Neal’s Tax Plan Has Billionaires Popping Champagne »

Not Good Enough

The House Ways and Means Committee released their proposal yesterday outlining new tax hikes to invest in President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, and we are incredibly disappointed in what they’ve come up with. Their plan, assembled by Committee Chair Richard Neal, is an utter failure of not just the President’s agenda, but of the American people. It fails to end the preferential treatment of the … Continue reading Not Good Enough »

Reconciliation Negotiations Are Heating Up

It’s time to get down to business. After months of leadup and preliminary negotiations, committees in the House are just days away from releasing the first official details of the Democrats’ multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation bill. There’s a lot at stake here, with trillions of dollars of support for American families and tax hikes on the rich hanging in the balance as a few centrist Democrats seek … Continue reading Reconciliation Negotiations Are Heating Up »