Stop Obfuscating. We Know Who’s to Blame.

A response to NYT article, “California, in Rush to Save Lives, Pushed Potent Economy to Brink”:   As a grateful Californian and participant in the “potent economy” I am deeply offended and dismayed by this article on multiple fronts. My biggest beef, is that the article was void of any counterbalancing reasons as to why California shut down in the midst of an MIA (missing … Continue reading Stop Obfuscating. We Know Who’s to Blame. »

I’m Not a Job Creator

Last year, Republicans unilaterally passed tax cuts that disproportionately benefited the wealthy and corporations. By giving tax cuts to wealthy Americans, particularly investors, Republicans claimed their tax bill would lead to substantial job and wage growth. Unsurprisingly, this has not happened. As an investor myself, I can tell you why: it’s because I’m not a job creator. For decades, conservatives have credited the investor class … Continue reading I’m Not a Job Creator »