The Trump Administration is Planning a $100 Billion Handout to Wealthy Investors

In 2017, Republican legislators in the House and Senate passed a sweeping $1.9 trillion tax cut bill, the vast majority of which went directly into the pockets of millionaires, billionaires, and multinational corporations. Emboldened by the success of their first attempt, they’re now back for more tax cuts for the rich. This time, they want to further decrease capital gains taxes.

Tax Cuts Enrich Members of Congress Who Wrote Them

A year ago yesterday, Republicans in Congress cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans. Corporations and millionaires benefited greatly from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, while the middle class were the losers.. What most Americans don’t know, however, is the identity of one  group who received a particularly massive windfall from this legislation– the Republican who wrote it. Through manipulation of the “pass-through” filing status, … Continue reading Tax Cuts Enrich Members of Congress Who Wrote Them »