Tesseract Slack

Organizations under Tesseract, including the Patriotic Millionaires, use a chat application called Slack to discuss current events, projects, news, and more. You can download Slack on your computer or mobile phone or use Slack in your web browser. Please contact chloe@patrioticmillionaires.org for an invite to the Tesseract Slack.

Please read our guidelines for using the Tesseract Slack:

  1. We want to use this as an open community for members to connect with each other! Please note: to keep within legal bounds, Patriotic Millionaires’ staff will not be moderating any channels. You can bring up any topic you want, but certain topics can not be commented on by Patriotic Millionaires’ staff.
  2. That being said, if you want to bring something to the attention of a staff member, you can tag them using their username! A full list is below.
  3. We happen to think that certain subjects, like Clinton v. Sanders or Clinton v. Trump, have been discussed ad nauseum and should be left untouched. However, if you choose to bring up a controversial subject for debate, please just remain respectful of one another on the channel. Let’s refrain from calling out anyone on channels!
  4. Public channels are public. We can all see and read your conversations. You can start a private channel and invite select individuals into that channel. We do not require staff to be invited into those channels – have fun debating and talking without us!
  5. Every channel is a default “Patriotic Millionaires” channel unless otherwise noted. Look for highlights from the healthcare working group, MAYDAY America, and Agenda Project in designated channels.

Slack Glossary of Terms

Our “workspace” is our organization. In this case, we have used our umbrella organization, Tesseract. Think of it as a table you are sitting down to with all other members of the Tesseract organization for a discussion.

Channels are discussion threads. You can start as many as you would like, and you will notice some that have been started by the staff. Channels can be private or public, so make sure to take note which type of channel are you using.

That’s you! All usernames will show up in the channels when you comment on a channel, or when you start a channel. The list of staff usernames should be referred to when you need it.

If you want to bring a channel to someone’s attention, a comment, etc., simply “tag” their username into the channel. This is done by typing in @username and then typing whatever you would like.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tesseract Staff Handles

To reach out to specific members of the Tesseract Staff on Slack, send them a direct message or tag them with the handles below:

  • @erica – Erica Payne (President)
  • @gene – Gene Haigh (Chief of Staff, Senior VP of Government Affairs)
  • @chloe – Chloe Shanklin (Deputy Director of Membership)
  • @Kpym – Kelsea-Marie Pym (Communications Director)
  • @Sam – Sam Quigley (Deputy Communications Director)
  • @René – René Felt (Art Director)
  • @Sasha – Sasha Grodsky (Senior Associate, Digital Communications)
  • @Knychelle – Knychelle Passmore (Junior Associate, Communications)
  • @Kat – Kat Hartlage (Membership and Administrative Associate)
  • @Peter – Peter Rossi (Junior Associate)
  • @Chris – Chris Tallent (National Campaign Director, Mayday)
  • @Teddy – Teddy Rube (Senior Organizing Associate, Mayday)
  • @Dylan – Dylan Dusseault (Senior Associate, Policy and Communications, BIHP
  • @Maddy – Maddy Woodle (Junior Associate, BIHP)

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