Working Americans get poorer every second that Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans refuse to act.


This is how long it’s been since the federal government raised the federal minimum wage:

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This is how long Mitch McConnell has refused to bring the House Raise the Wage bill up for a vote:

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Today marks the longest period in American history – more than a decade – since the federal government has raised the minimum wage. At just $7.25 an hour, the current federal minimum wage earns a citizen working full time 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year just $15,080. No one in America can live on $15,080 a year. No one should be forced to try. It’s immoral, and it’s horrible for business.
In a competitive and volatile global economy, the federal government must guarantee by law that working people receive a fair share of the proceeds of business. This both reinforces the vital link between work and reward, and it ensures a stable level of aggregate economic demand to fuel our consumer-based economy broadly, creating sustainable prosperity for the entire country.
Earlier this year, the US House voted to Raise the Wage to $15 an hour by 2025, resetting the wage floor to a modest, but livable level on a generous timeline that will allow small businesses time to adjust to the change.
70% of Republicans want a higher wage floor, including 67% who self-identify as “strongly conservative.” Republican leaders from Bill O’Reilly to mega-investor Steve Schwarzman to the Chamber of Commerce have called for a wage of anywhere from $10 – $15 an hour.
Despite this, Mitch McConnell refuses to allow the Senate to vote on this critical issue. Retiring Senator Lamar Alexander, whose committee sets federal wage policy, won’t allow even his committee members to vote on the issue. He has admitted publicly that he wants to abolish the minimum wage altogether.
How much poorer do working Americans have to get before Senate Republicans will act?

Call your Senators:

(202) 224-3121

Demand a vote on the Raise the Wage Act.

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