New York Millionaires Demand State Lawmakers Raise Their Taxes

Monday, March 12

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March 12, 2018

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New York Millionaires Demand State Lawmakers Raise Their Taxes

Wealthy New Yorkers speak out for tax fairness as the NY state budget is debated

Albany, NY – This morning, a group of 33 wealthy New Yorkers released a letter demanding that the state legislature raise their taxes by approving the expansion of the millionaires tax and closing the carried interest tax loophole.

These millionaires, a group including filmmaker and Disney heiress Abigail Disney, clothing designer Eileen Fisher, former CEO of AT&T Broadband Leo Hindery, Jr., former BlackRock managing director Morris Pearl, former lieutenant governor candidate Dennis Mehiel, and other members of the Patriotic Millionaires and Responsible Wealth organizations, call out the state’s failure to properly invest in its schools, its infrastructure, and its social services. 

They propose a simple solution to the state’s budget shortfalls – tax them. As those with the greatest ability to pay more, they write, they should be asked to.

With the New York budget debate raging this week, this letter seeks to snap state lawmakers out of their self-imposed scarcity mindset. New York can and should properly fund the programs and services that millions of New Yorkers rely on, it just needs to ask more from the wealthy few who have benefited most from living in New York.

A group of these signers will be joining New York state lawmakers for a press conference at the State Capitol building in Albany tomorrow, March 13th, at noon, where they will bring their message of tax fairness to the state legislature in person.

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