Patriotic Millionaires Condemn Senate Use of ‘Nuclear Option’ on Gorsuch Nomination

Thursday, April 06


April 6, 2017

Contact: Sam Quigley


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“Sen. McConnell demonstrates an utter disregard for the traditions of the US Senate, and contempt for the principle of governance over partisan politics


Washington, DC – This afternoon, in an unprecedented assault on democratic norms, the Senate voted to eliminate the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees in order to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch. This is incredible breach of Senate tradition comes on behalf of a nominee who has revealed himself to be an unacceptable candidate to serve on the Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch has shown a disturbing willingness to side with the interests of corporations and special interests over that of the American people, and his record on money in politics reveals his indifference to maintaining the fundamental health of our democracy.


As a Supreme Court Justice, Judge Gorsuch will stand up for the powerful and wealthy at the expense of the rest of the country, and the Senate’s rush to confirm such a candidate is troubling. In Washington, DC and around the country, Patriotic Millionaires are speaking out against the Senate majority’s disregard for our democratic precedents and norms, and their willingness to go to such lengths to back a candidate who is unfit to serve on the Supreme Court.


In the Patriotic Millionaires’ own words:


“The Republican leaders of the US Senate believe that some issues coming before the Supreme Court (like allowing corporations to have freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and the right to spend unlimited money on politics) are so important that they need to discard centuries of precedent to force through the senate with their slim majority. It is a sad day for the United States,” said Morris Pearl, Chair of the Patriotic Millionaires and former managing director of Blackrock.


“The use of the “nuclear” option to confirm the appointment of Judge Gorsuch by a mere majority of senators underscores the partisan nature of both the nominee and his supporters. Judge Gorsuch’s track record reveals biases that mean he cannot impartially decide cases likely to come before the Court on critical issues ranging from campaign finance reform to religious objections to same-sex marriage. The sixty vote threshold Senate tradition should stand because it prevents the appointment of Judges like Judge Gorsuch who are the standard bearer for a political party and cannot be impartial,” said Patriotic Millionaire Patricia Martone, Attorney.


“It used to be true that Representatives and Senators of both parties understood that their first responsibility was to govern in the best interests of the country, setting aside partisan politics whenever the health of our democracy demanded it. But now Senator McConnell, in keeping with the hard right, take-no-prisoners attitude of most of his colleagues, has thrown the 60-vote threshold out the window and crammed the Gorsuch nomination down the throats of the American people. In so doing, he demonstrates an utter disregard for the traditions of the United States Senate, and even worse, contempt for the principle of governance over partisan politics,” said Patriotic Millionaire David Goldschmidt.


“The hurdle for a Constitutional amendment is 2/3 of both legislatures and of the state legislatures. Given that the highest court in the nation has the final authority to interpret the Constitution, it is entirely appropriate that appointments to the Supreme Court have a 60 Senator approval–or even higher. We need to be well beyond any question in such appointments. Only three years ago, Mitch McConnell was of the same opinion. It’s time for both parties to stop threatening to weaken our governance,” said Dale Walker, Patriotic Millionaire.


“Since most Americans do not like the amount of power money has in government, I think the current nominee is, although in many ways qualified, the wrong person at this time. Democracy is a system of checks and balances. The Supreme Court nomination process needs extra check and balances, therefore the filibuster should not have been removed,” said Patriotic Millionaire Terry Meehan.


In high school we learned that the Senate filibuster protected the voting minority from rule by a slim majority. Republican efforts to end the filibuster damage this concept, and weaken American democracy,” said Patriotic Millionaire George Zimmer, CEO of Generation Tux and Founder of Men’s Wearhouse.


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