Patriotic Millionaires Launch 2020 Candidate Training Website

Monday, October 07
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Monday, October 7, 2019
Contact: Clark Lunday


Patriotic Millionaires Launch 2020 Candidate Training Website

“Candidates Who Use This Messaging Will Win”

Washington, DC – Today, the Patriotic Millionaires unveiled a new curriculum for Patriotic Millionaires University, the incredibly successful candidate training website first launched ahead of the 2018 midterms to help challengers “defeat the traitors who sold out America” when they voted for 2017’s complete rewrite of the federal tax code. The revamped site is meant to once again encourage candidates to run, and win, by talking about our country’s egregiously unfair tax code.

Drawing upon nearly a decade of headline-grabbing experience talking about economic inequality, the Patriotic Millionaires offer a wealth of resources to candidates looking for an edge on the campaign trail, including messaging guidance, polling data, and social media training. The site’s citizen-education counterpart, MyPMU, is also being re-released in anticipation of the 2020 cycle.

“The Tax Cut and Jobs Act was great for people who live off of their investments, but it did basically nothing for people who work for a living,said Morris Pearl, Chair of the Patriotic Millionaires, and former managing director at BlackRock. “It is not in the interest of any millionaire to let politicians and their wealthy donors hollow out the middle class, nor is it in the interest of candidates for office to skirt around this issue. Patriotic Millionaires University helps us cut through the noise and make that case.”

Both websites were fundamental to the Patriotic Millionaires’ educational and electoral campaigns in 2018. Going forward into 2020, the organization plans to expand the platform to include additional messaging and educational components centered around both the minimum wage and political equality

Statistics show that now more than ever the American people want the rich to pay their fair share. A March 2019 poll from ALG Research showed that 75% of likely 2020 voters, including 90% of Democrats, 60% of Republicans, and 70% of Independents, believe that it is time to tax the rich. The Patriotic Millionaires know from experience that a platform that includes tax justice and that addresses this bipartisan demand to fix our egregious tax code is sound electoral strategy. Whether they’re running for city council or President of the United States, Patriotic Millionaires University can aid any candidate ready to fight inequality and build a more prosperous country for everyone.

“71% of Americans believe the economy rigged for the rich and well connected. Guess what? They’re right,” said Erica Payne, Founder and President of the Patriotic Millionaires. When Republicans took control of the government, they rewrote the entire federal tax code. The new Republican tax code charges people who work for a living twice the tax rate of Wall Street investors, and it actually gives companies a tax break for moving jobs out of the country. If your voters understand this, you will win in 2020. So If your campaign consultants tell you not to talk about taxes, you should fire your consultants.”

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