Patriotic Millionaires Release Statement on CBO Healthcare Report

Monday, March 13


March 13, 2017

Contact: Sam Quigley


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Congress wants to give wealthy Americans like me an enormous tax cut


Washington, DC – This afternoon the Congressional Budget Office released a report detailing the estimated effects of the American Health Care Act, predicting that an astounding 24 million Americans will lose health insurance by 2026 under the proposed bill. The CBO score only confirms what was already clear, that this bill is not an honest attempt at healthcare reform, it is instead a tax cut for the wealthy at the expense of the health of millions of everyday Americans. In Washington, DC and around the country, Patriotic Millionaires are speaking out against this bill and its blatant disregard for the American people’s healthcare needs.


In the Patriotic Millionaires’ own words:


“As a business owner with nearly 100 employees, I was deeply disheartened by the hodge-podge of stale and disproven ideas that have been re-heated and re-served by Republicans as healthcare ‘reform.’ American small businesses like mine who have seen rates rise more slowly, and millions of Americans that have gained coverage and security thanks to the ACA, will be sicker and less secure if these policies become law. The President and his cohorts in congress have sold American working families down the river,” said Patriotic Millionaire TJ Zlotnitsky, Chairman and CEO of iControl Data Solutions.


“I can’t believe they are cutting my taxes, period. It is obscene to be cutting the taxes of people like me and my husband for any reason right now. To cut rich old people’s taxes so that you can take health care away from younger low income families is especially crazy. We should be investing in these younger people–they are our country’s future. Don’t do me this ‘favor,’ GOP.  It’s greedy and wrong at every level,” said Patriotic Millionaire Molly Munger, Co-Director of Advancement Project.


“As a Patriotic Millionaire and a humane human being, I find the House GOP plan to repeal and replace the ACA appalling. It will siphon funds from the very members of our national community who need it the most and re-direct those funds to me and others who do not need or want money obtained at such a painful cost to others. We are talking about the very lives and health of millions who constitute the national body. When the national body is ailing, we are all at risk,” said Patriotic Millionaire Stephanie Low.


“With no regulation, premiums for policies purchased on the individual market are going run amok, as they did before the ACA. Because I have diabetes, am over 50, and self- employed, I was paying $5,000 a month for family policy that had a $20,000 deductible. Under the ACA, we now pay $1,400. We’re fortunate enough to absorb the hit when prices go back to what they were before, but what about the rest of America’s families, more and more of whom are in our position? A $4,000 tax credit will cover less than 10% of the increase in their insurance costs. This will crush them,” said Patriotic Millionaire Charlie Fink, Director of The New Musical Development Foundation.


“While there is considerable uncertainty about whether the AHCA bill will be approved by Congress and its potentially catastrophic effects on the ability of millions of Americans to afford health insurance, one thing is clear: Congress wants to give wealthy Americans like me an enormous tax cut. And whether it passes or not, President Trump and congressional leaders have made it clear that their next priority will be further tax cuts for the rich under the guise of “tax reform.” I ask the President and Congress to clearly explain why transferring tens of thousands of dollars every year from the public purse to mine is the single most important step they can think of to help working-class and middle-class Americans,” said Patriotic Millionaire Eric Schoenberg, Chairman of CampusWorks, Inc.


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