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Utah Patriotic Millionaires Deliver Letter to Sen. Hatch

Millions of Utahns will file their taxes this week, but thousands of investment fund managers earning millions of dollars per year will pay at a lower tax rate than teachers, firefighters and most ordinary Americans. A group of Utahns, the Utah Chapter of the Patriotic Millionaires, want this changed and called on Senator Orrin Hatch to close the “carried interest loophole.”

Patriotic Millionaires to Congress: Prove They Don’t Own You

Elected Officials and Outside Income — Not a Good Match

Today in a strongly worded letter to House and Senate leadership, the Patriotic Millionaires demanded action on the carried interest loophole saying a vote would offer members “a unique opportunity to demonstrate to the American people that Congress is capable of conducting the people’s business; and that it is not, in fact, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wall Street fund managers and other special interests.”

Patriotic Millionaires’ Continued Effort to Close the Carried Interest Loophole

This year, the Patriotic Millionaires crafted a campaign that took the fight to close the loophole to the individual states. New York, a financial hub of the US, has become the lead state in this year’s attempts to bypass inaction and see results. There has been resounding support following Senator Klein’s recent endorsement in the New York State Senate.