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Why I Am A Patriotic Millionaire: Doug Edwards


I talk to my father all the time. At 95, he’s still fighting pork barrel projects in Jacksonville, and writing columns for the weekly paper. And I know he will continue to do so as long as he can breathe, and write, and fight and think. I marvel at how much he has been able to accomplish without having the financial resources available to me. How much more of an obligation do I have, then, to ensure that others have access to the opportunities for success that I have enjoyed?

Boehner Right-Hand Man Mike Sommers Carries (Industry) Interest on Carried Interest

Last week, the Private Equity Growth Capital Council announced Mike Sommers, former Chief of Staff to Speaker of the House John Boehner, as its incoming president and CEO. The trade association has been at the center of a battle over the carried interest loophole, a ridiculous rule in our tax code that allows managers of private investment funds to pay capital gains rates on money they earn managing other people’s money.