MediaITE: Stuart Varney Erupts at Guest Over Claim He ‘Destroyed’ Host in Prior Debate: ‘Take it Back!’

By Joe DePaolo on MedialTE

Back in November, an organization called the Patriotic Millionaires — a progressive group of high-net worth people who say they are concerned about the “destabilizing concentration of wealth and power in America” — boasted about a Varney & Co. interview with one of their members, Eric Schoenberg. In posts to social media, the group crowed that Schoenberg “destroyed” host Stuart Varney in a debate about the proposed GOP tax bill.

Varney was, to put it mildly, less than thrilled with that characterization of the discussion.

On Friday, the Fox Business host grilled the Patriotic Millionaire over a headline that he personally didn’t write.

“You’ll apologize,” Varney said in his very first words to his guest.

“Well,” Schoenberg said, laughing. “I’m definitely sorry if you’re offended by what’s transpired.”

Stuart Varney was in no mood for jokes, thank you.

“You did not destroy me,” the host said. “Did you?”

“I didn’t write the headline,” Schoenberg said.

“Your group did!” Varney said, pointing at his guest. “Take it back!”

After Varney repeatedly pressed Schoenberg for an apology, the two eventually went on to debate the tax bill on on even terms — although Varney said (we think tongue-in-cheek) “I just destroyed you.”

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