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The Patriotic Millionaires group first came together in 2010 to demand an end to the Bush tax cuts for millionaires, instantly sparking the public’s attention. Since then, the group has appeared on outlets from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to the PBS NewsHour; from the front page of the Boston Globe to The History Channel; from The New York Times to The Atlantic to The New Yorker to Bloomberg.

The Patriotic Millionaires have generated hundreds of millions of dollars worth of media coverage both at home and abroad, with hundreds of op-eds in local and national outlets and over 1500 news stories featuring the group in the last year alone.

the new york times

The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History is Here, with Familiar (Rich) Winners

Private Jet Travel Is Booming. And Shameful. And We’re All Paying For It.

Who are America’s Billionaire’s, Anyway?

They’re Rich and They’re Mad About Taxes (Too Low!)

New York Millionaires Tell Albany: Tax Us, Please

They Have Money. (Shhh.)

How Companies Like Apple Dodge Taxes and Their Own Investors

Close My Tax Loophole

New York Legislators Plan to Introduce Measure on Carried Interest Tax

Obama Enlists Patriotic Millionaires

The Machine and the Garden

fox business

Patriotic Millionaires chairman explains why his group wants to be taxed more

Millionaires at Davos call for higher taxes worldwide: ‘Tax us now’

Jeff Bezos’ Washington DC, NYC homes targeted in pro-tax millionaire group’s protests

Millionaires call for higher taxes for coronavirus relief: “it is the only choice”

‘Patriotic Millionaire’ Morris Pearl: Why I support the ‘millionaires surtax’ (Yes, that’s right)  

Is there a price cap on morality? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says ‘Yes’

Varney to ‘Patriotic Millionaire’:Be careful, you’ll get what you wished for

Patriotic millionaire Says He’s Only Benefited Every Time Congress Changes the Tax Code

Patriotic Millionaires want higher taxes

A millionaire’s take on carried interest

now this

Millionaires Beg To Be Taxed More To Help Americans Under COVID-19

Patriotic Millionaires Send Special Tax Day Message About COVID-19 And The Wealthy

This Disney heiress will seriously benefit from the GOP tax bill — here’s why she’s against it

This millionaire is revealing his taxes to show just how much the GOP tax plan favors the wealthy


These millionaires want to tax the rich, and they’re lobbying working-class voters

He’s part of the 1%. And he thinks his taxes aren’t high enough

How The Rich Feel About Paying More Taxes

Higher Taxes For The Rich: Fair Or Warfare?


Bloomberg Businessweek

Patriotic Millionaires Want Higher Taxes, Please

Some Millionaires Say They Want to Pay Higher Taxes

Millionaires Group Eyes Corporate Tax Fairness, Too (Podcast)

Patriotic Millionaires ‘Move Needle’ on Taxing Rich (Podcast)

The Millionaires Who Actually Want To Pay More in Taxes

States Eye Wallets of Richest Residents With Income-Tax Measures

Obama Enlists Millionaires in Buffett Rule Campaign

abc news

‘Patriotic Millionaires’ Beg Supercommittee for Higher Taxes

Tax Me, I’m Rich, Says Deep-Pocketed Group

Raise My Taxes, Please, Say Rich People Upset Over Breaks

45 ‘Patriotic Millionaires’ Call for Bush-Era Tax Cuts to Expire

cbs news

Why 200 millionaires want higher taxes: Inequality is eating our world alive

Millionaires say “tax us, tax us, tax us” to pay for coronavirus aid

nbc news

Some ultra-wealthy argue for paying higher taxes

Patriotic Millionaires’ Group says: Tax me more

Tax Day 2019 is the perfect day to make the case for increasing taxes on the rich

‘Patriotic millionaires’ worry that Trump’s tax cuts are increasing the wealth gap


Is carried interest simply a tax break for the ultra rich?

The war over a tax break for hedge funds and money managers


Connecticut Lawmakers Seek New Tax on Hedge Funds

Democrats Push Bill in New York Senate to End Tax Break

Millionaires Group: Tax Us to Cut the Deficit

Voluntary Taxes for the Rich and Other Bad Ideas

al jazeera

Can wealthy people help fight COVID-19?

Ultra-rich say to raise taxes on them to pay for coronavirus aid

Are taxes fair in the US?

daily kos

“Patriotic Millionaire’ Takes ‘Cash Bucket Challenge’ to Show Benefit of Trump Tax “Reform”.

This Patriotic Millionaire is calling out Wall Street on its greed

Some millionaires are fighting the good fight

Patriotic Millionaires’ demand that they be taxed more

Open thread for night owls: Millionaires – Tax us!

houston chronicle

Millionaires line up against shameless tax loophole


Patriotic Millionaires threaten retaliation against moderate Dems

WELCOME MAT: The Patriotic Millionaires



Why most millionaires want a wealth tax: “There’s a certain alarmism among the wealthy about Trump”

Here’s how to win, Democrats: Vow to tax the rich!

100+ ultra-rich people warn fellow elites in open letter: It’s taxes or pitchforks

No surrender: Progressives must not compromise on tax hikes for the rich

“Patriotic Millionaires” Please Raise our Taxes

“Patriotic millionaires” call for their tax cuts to expire


New York

Millionaires for More Taxes



‘Please Tax Us’: Dozens Of Millionaires Urge Governments To Tax The Rich To Pay For Coronavirus Impact

Some Millionaires Want To Pay More Tax






“It won’t change our standard of living.” Super-rich want to pay more taxes “in an investment for our common democratic future”

The one way to stop billionaires from ruining our democracy 

He’s a millionaire with a private jet. But now he’s selling it for the sake of the environment 

Why millionaires like us want to pay more in taxes 

Taxing extreme wealth could lift 2.3 billion people out of poverty 

Here’s the truth: raising the capital gains tax won’t hurt the economy 

Billionaires are failing us when we need them most 




Private Jets Are a Moral Abomination

The Millionaires Who Want to Abolish Extreme Wealth 






‘I’m a multimillionaire who wants to pay more tax – it will be good for me’

Millionaires urge governments to ‘tax us now’ as they admit current system is unfair 

100 millionaires to world governments: Tax us more 

Millionaires protest outside Jeff Bezos’ home demanding he pay more in taxes 


Millionaires at Davos say ‘tax us more’ 

Millionaires ask to pay more tax 

Coronavirus: Disney heir and Ben & Jerry’s call for higher taxes 

Does philanthropy work? 

Should the wealthy pay more tax? 


Growing inequality is “ripping the country apart” – but the Patriotic Millionaires have a solution 




The True Cost of Billionaire Philanthropy: How the Taxpayer Subsidizes Stockpiled Wealth

Do the Forbes Philanthropy Scores Give Foundation Donors Too Much Credit?


To tackle income inequality, tax companies that overpay CEOs and underpay workers


Ruga and Kanter: We’re rich Utahns and we don’t need a tax cut 

Higher minimum wage will help workers and the economy 

Jonathan Ruga: We can agree on the fact that it’s time to tax the rich


He made millions betting against economic recovery. Now he wants to fix things


Millionaires Are Begging Governments to Tax Them More 



washington post

Expanded outstanding government securities are nothing to worry about

Anti-Trump groups have a new target: McDonald’s

More on the looming smackdown over Wall Street reform

‘Buffett Rule’ vs. Ryan plan: Whoa should chip in more?

“Buffett Rule” gets push from Obama, millionaires

Senate works on financial cliff options

A millionaire for higher taxes


Tax our wealth, super-rich tell politicians at Davos

UK millionaires group projects ‘tax our wealth’ on to Treasury and Bank of England

G20 must forge agreement to increase tax on rich, say campaigners 

Private jet sales likely to reach highest ever level this year, report says

I’m a millionaire – this is why I’m at Davos begging to pay more tax

‘Tax us now’: ultra-rich call on governments to introduce wealth taxes

One of us is a millionaire, the other a care worker. The cruel divide between rich and poor disgusts us both

I was the chairman of Greggs. The wealthy should be paying more tax

Millionaires join Davos protests, demanding ‘tax us now’

Tax the rich: these one percenters want people like them to pay higher taxes

Millionaires call on governments worldwide to ‘tax us now’

Millionaires who support taxing the rich protest in front of Jeff Bezos’ homes

‘Raise my taxes – now!’: the millionaires who want to give it all away

Super-rich call for higher taxes on wealthy to pay for Covid-19 recovery

Millions of Americans are trapped. They need higher wages, now.

Millionaires like me should pay more taxes. Giving to charity is a fig leaf

Traitors to their class’: meet the super rich who want to be taxed more

I’m a multimillionaire – and I think the tax system doesn’t serve most Americans

America needs to seriously tax the rich – I should know, I’m one of them

We are businessmen in the 1%. It’s time to increase taxes on us

We froze the salaries of 20 executives – and it improved the lives of 500 employees

Why are we still pretending trickle-down economics work?

Meet the new class traitors who are coming out as rich

I’m a millionaire. I don’t need another tax break, Mr Trump

Trump’s tax plan wins the news cycle – but will he lose the messaging war?

Los Angeles Times

Maybe Donald Trump wants to repeal the estate tax just because he’s rich

George Zimmer, a millionaire with a plan to help the middle class

Mayors, millionaires meeting with White House officials

Obama promotes ‘Buffett Rule’ among wealthy endorsers

Millionaires group to lobby for higher taxes — on themselves

Obama’s tax-cut deal upsets many major donors

us news

Debate for Democracy

Higher Wages Help Everyone

A More Equal Nation: The Patriotic Millionaires Are Pushing To Rid The Nation of Income Inequality


Mega rich renew call on global leaders at Davos to ‘tax our extreme wealth’

‘Tax us now’: Millionaires call on the global elite to tax them more

Progressive millionaires back primary challenges against centrist House Democrats Cuellar and Bourdeaux

Millionaires who favor raising taxes on the rich launch protests in front of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ home on Tax Day

Abigail Disney explains her calls for a wealth tax to fund coronavirus relief

‘Tax us’: Ultra-rich call for higher taxes to aid coronavirus recovery

Patriotic Millionaires’ letter to Davos calls for ‘higher and fairer’ taxes on the global elite

Oscar Mayer heir: It’s time for a 100% tax on billionaire estates

Patriotic Millionaire Morris Pearl: Raising the minimum wage to $15 would be ‘good for my bottom line’

Patriotic Millionaires activist group threatens to withhold endorsements if politicians don’t push for higher taxes on the rich

The US must make structural changes by taxing the wealthy, says Disney heiress

‘Jesus Christ himself isn’t worth 500 times his median worker pay in companies’ — Disney heiress slams CEO pay

Why these millionaires want to raise taxes on themselves

The private plane tax loophole is so egregious even millionaires like me want to close it

Bill to Eliminate Carried Interest Treatment

new yorker

The Patriotic Millionaires Want to Raise Their Own Taxes

The Ultra Wealthy Who Argue They Should Be Paying Higher Taxes

The Billionaires’ Loophole

boston globe

A Wall Street-Main Street Divide

daily show

The 99% of the 1%

huffington post

As U.S. Hits Debt Ceiling, Millionaires Tell Davos Leaders: Raise Our Taxes

100 Millionaires And Billionaires Sign Open Letter Pleading For Higher Taxes

I’m A Millionaire And I Want To Be Taxed More To Help The Economy Recover From Covid-19

The GOP Tax Bill Is A Giveaway To Millionaires Like Me

Millionaires receive hostile reception from Republicans

One Percenter Calls For ‘Enlightened Self Interest’ To Avert Real Class Warfare

Why Millionaires Who Want Higher Taxes Don’t Just Donate Money to the Government

‘Patriotic Millionaires’ Describe What They’ve Done With Their Bush Tax Cuts

Bush Tax Cuts Give to the Rich, Oppress the Poor

Be Liberal; Be Generous

Charlotte Observer

Let’s raise the minimum wage for everybody to $15 an hour, this businessman says

mother jones

Global Millionaires Say Yes to Taxing Extreme Wealth, Poll Finds

Millionaires to Washington: More Taxes, Please!



Millionaires group calls for wealth tax at virtual Davos

Coalition attempts to close private fund manager U.S. tax loophole


Hartford Courant

In Union-Backed Ad, Millionaire Connecticut CEO Supports Higher Taxes On Wealthy

Tax The Wealthy, We Can Afford It




Davos 2024: Millionaires and billionaires demand that elected leaders tax them more

‘Tax us more’: Millionaire protesters at Davos call for a leveling of the uber rich 

Millionaires to Congress: tax us! 

Millionaires are calling for an emergency tax on billionaires 

Taxation isn’t theft, but avoiding taxes is 

It’s time to bring back America’s tax on excess profits 

Why wealthy business leaders are joining the call to end high CEO pay 




As elites gather in Davos, they can’t ignore that most high-net worth individuals like me want to pay more tax

Disney heiress calls for a tax code revamp and calls out the ultrawealthy who ‘amass fortunes so large they threaten our democracy’ 

America only had a handful of billionaires 40 years ago. We’re now creating ‘centibillionaires’ – and unless we tax them, trillionaires 

I’m a millionaire. If your state taxes me, I’ll come. 

Abigail Disney says ‘extreme wealth is eating our world alive.’ She and Mark Ruffalo are among 200 millionaires calling for taxes on the ultra-rich 

Leaders at Davos can fix our fragmented world by answering a simple question: How wealthy does one person need to be? A capitalist is asking 

Billionaires had an extra $1 trillion to influence the midterm elections. Save American democracy by taxing extreme wealth. 

America’s richest want to pay more taxes – but we won’t let them. We need a tax bracket and rate overhaul

Why Congress needs to make taxing the rich part of the plan to address inflation

Soaring inflation means Congress must act now to boost the minimum wage

100 millionaires and billionaires signed a letter to pay more taxes – and fear violence if they don’t 

If Congress really wants to boost the economy, it should raise the minimum wage to $15 

Dear Joe Biden: Rich Americans like me should pay even higher taxes than you’re proposing 

America’s billionaires have a hoarding problem 

Meet the millionaires who want to be taxed to pay for the coronavirus 


Speaking as a millionaire, it’s only fair that I pay taxes at a higher rate 


Oh, Look! Billionaires Have Their Perfect Case To Start the Supreme Court Term. 

Who Wants to Be a (Heavily Taxed) Millionaire?  


Disney Heiress Says She Regrets Solo Jet Flights as She Demands to Be Taxed Fair Share


More than 250 billionaires and millionaires tell world leaders: ‘Tax us’ 

USA Today

Billionaires Are a Policy Failure That Must Be Addressed | Opinion

Millionaires Protest Outside Jeff Bezos’ House: ‘Cut the Bulls**t. Tax the Rich’

Take It From A Millionaire: America’s Future Hinges on a Decent Minimum Wage | Opinion

Democrats must fight to protect our democracy the way Republicans fight to destroy it | Opinion

To Achieve Racial Equality, We Must Address Economic Segregation | Opinion

I’m a Millionaire and I Want the Government to Tax Me More—That’s the Only Way We Can Beat Climate Change | Opinion

Walt Disney’s Great-Niece Among 200 ‘Patriotic Millionaires’ Demanding Multimillionaires Tax: ‘They Will Not Have Fewer Private Airplanes’

It’s Time Republicans Tried Helping Average Americans. That Starts With Taxing People Like Me | Opinion 

I’m a Millionaire—But I’m Also a Patriot, and I Support the General Motors Strike | Opinion

I’m a Multi-Millionaire. Of Course My Heirs Should Pay Estate Tax


How the rich avoid paying taxes

These millionaires are telling the government that they actually want to pay higher taxes.

A millionaire explains why he wants to pay more taxes

Chicago Tribune

Op-ed: Close this tax code loophole that helps the rich get richer

Commentary: Rich people like me should pay a higher tax rate

Mayors, millionaires meeting with White House on tax hikes

The Atlantic

How Much Inheritance Is Too Much?

Can Rich Millennials Be Convinced to Give Their Money Away?

The Millionaires Who Disagree With Trump on Taxes

Millionaires for Tax Raises, and the Non-Millionaires Who Hate Them 

The Hill


Media hysterics aside, the sky isn’t falling on the national debt 

Sanders joins millionaires’ call for G20 nations to tax ultrarich 

One estate tax bill protects family farms — another empowers billionaires

I’m a multimillionaire: On this Tax Day, I demand to be taxed more

How America actually taxes the affluent

Republican proposals will only make rich tax cheats richer

The true tragedy behind Musk’s Twitter buyout is the power of billionaires

A Tale of Two Billionaires: Yvon Chouinard and Warren Buffet

Working Americans pay income taxes — why don’t billionaires?

America will never achieve racial justice without reforming our broken tax code

What Jan. 6 and far-right billionaires have in common

After sanctioning Russia’s oligarchs, America must tax its own

To prevail in midterms, Democratic donors should help unseat centrists who undermined Biden’s agenda

Progressive millionaire group backs Cisneros, McBath in first public endorsements

Millionaires group calls for wealth tax at Davos forum

It’s time for Congress to close the carried interest loophole

Millionaires urge Democrats to include billionaire tax in spending bill

Pro-tax millionaires call for rejection of infrastructure package without spending plan

Lobbyists, moderate Democrats rely on debunked arguments against tax hikes

Why Biden’s proposed marginal tax rate increase isn’t enough

Pro-tax millionaires protesting in front of Bezos’s homes

Philanthropists and billionaires must walk the talk on climate change

Why we cannot have effective pandemic relief without a wealth tax

To win Georgia and the Senate, Democrats need to go all in on a $15 minimum wage

Why the DNC’s platform will guarantee a loss if Democrats don’t do more

Millionaires call on governments to tax the rich to pay for virus relief

I helped bail out the banks; Congress needs to oversee the stimulus now

How to get $200 billion for COVID-19 relief — at no cost to taxpayers

Tax cuts won’t stop the coronavirus. Well-funded public services will.

Ensuring Everyone Pays Their Fair Share

Why the Federal Reserve interest rate cut hurts Democrats in 2020

Millionaires: Inequality isn’t just morally wrong — it’s unsustainable

A wealth tax could raise trillions — and save our democracy

Why Ocasio-Cortez can be even bolder with her tax policy vision

Liberal groups launch campaign to oppose tax cuts for the wealthy

We ended slavery, so why exploit people with a $7.25 minimum wage?

Dems, millionaires group press Trump on tax break for investment fund managers

Millionaires back Dems in call for end to tax ‘loophole’

What the carried interest tax loophole reveals about our corrupt political system

Business Insider

Bill Gates thinks the super-wealthy should pay more tax – and plenty of rich people agree

Progressive Democrats are proposing a new tax they say will help ‘close the exorbitant wealth gap’ 

A millionaire who says flying private is as addictive as cocaine is selling his jet after learning how terrible it is for the environment

Millionaires like Abigail Disney are calling on Congress to tax them more: ‘If I’m being singled out for additional taxes, it’s precisely and only because I have the capacity to pay them.’ 

Heiress Abigail Disney says ‘billionaires are miserable, unhappy people,’ and it’s time for change: ‘The billionaire bashing needs to happen. I don’t know why we’re being so polite.’ 

102 millionaires, including Abigail Disney, have signed another letter asking governments around the world to raise their taxes

248 millionaires are calling for Democrats to tax billionaires’ income. ‘We have a rare opportunity to reform our broken tax code.’

I’m a millionaire businessman who was arrested for protesting with restaurant workers. We demand better wages for the employees running our economy.

I’m a millionaire. Biden’s plan to raise my taxes is a great idea.

A group of millionaires is organizing Tax Day protests — including one in front of Jeff Bezos’ house — encouraging higher taxes on the rich

Biden’s plan to raise corporate taxes will actually be good for American business, no matter how much CEOs whine and scar

US should copy Argentina and pass a wealth tax to help deal with the COVID crisis

Abigail Disney wants the government to raise taxes on multimillionaires like herself to fund coronavirus relief, but this isn’t the first time the heiress has advocated for a wealth tax

A millionaire former BlackRock exec slams McDonald’s over its treatment of workers

Meet The Millionaires Who Are Trying To Force Washington Into Raising Their Taxes

There Are 220 Millionaires Begging Congress to Raise Their Taxes