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The Patriotic Millionaires group first came together in 2010 to demand an end to the Bush tax cuts for millionaires, instantly sparking the public’s attention. Since then, the group has appeared on outlets from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to the PBS NewsHour; from the front page of the Boston Globe to The History Channel; from The New York Times to The Atlantic to The New Yorker to Bloomberg.

The Patriotic Millionaires have generated hundreds of millions of dollars worth of media coverage both at home and abroad, with hundreds of op-eds in local and national outlets and over 1500 news stories featuring the group in the last year alone.

the new york times

They’re Rich and They’re Mad About Taxes (Too Low!)

New York Millionaires Tell Albany: Tax Us, Please

They Have Money. (Shhh.)

How Companies Like Apple Dodge Taxes and Their Own Investors

Close My Tax Loophole

New York Legislators Plan to Introduce Measure on Carried Interest Tax

Obama Enlists Patriotic Millionaires

The Machine and the Garden

fox business

Trump to Meet Top Lawmakers as Budget Battle Looms

Varney to ‘Patriotic Millionaire’:Be careful, you’ll get what you wished for

Patriotic millionaire Says He’s Only Benefited Every Time Congress Changes the Tax Code

Patriotic Millionaires want higher taxes

A millionaire’s take on carried interest

now this

This Disney heiress will seriously benefit from the GOP tax bill — here’s why she’s against it

This millionaire is revealing his taxes to show just how much the GOP tax plan favors the wealthy


Millionaires ask Congress to raise their taxes

“Patriotic Millionaires”, Ask Obama, Congress

How The Rich Feel About Paying More Taxes


Bloomberg Businessweek

Liberal Millionaires Say ‘Tax Me!’

States Eye Wallets of Richest Residents With Income-Tax Measures

Obama Enlists Millionaires in Buffett Rule Campaign

Democrats and Republicans Must Face Their Third Rails

White House Opens Door to Chamber on Fiscal Cliff Talks

abc news

Tax Me, I’m Rich, Says Deep-Pocketed Group

Patriotic Millionaires’ Beg Supercommittee for Higher Taxes

Raise My Taxes, Please, Say Rich People Upset Over Breaks

45 ‘Patriotic Millionaires’ Call for Bush-Era Tax Cuts to Expire

cbs news

Millionaire’s plea to Congress: Raise our taxes

nbc news

Morning Joe: Some ultra-wealthy argue for paying higher taxes

Obama flanked by millionaires renews push for Buffet Rule


Is carried interest simply a tax break for the ultra rich?

The war over a tax break for hedge funds and money managers



Connecticut Lawmakers Seek New Tax on Hedge Funds

Democrats Push Bill in New York Senate to End Tax Break

Millionaires Group: Tax Us to Cut the Deficit

Voluntary Taxes for the Rich and Other Bad Ideas

al jazeera

Are taxes fair in the US?

roll call

Campaign Finance Reform Is Good for Businesses

Hatch To ‘Patriotic Millionaires’: Put Up or Shut Up

Tax Deal Opponents Shut Down White House Phones

the street

The Necessary Pain of the Fiscal Cliff


Patriotic Millionaires group wants to raise taxes — on themselves

daily kos

This Patriotic Millionaire is calling out Wall Street on its greed

Some millionaires are fighting the good fight

Patriotic Millionaires’ demand that they be taxed more

Open thread for night owls: Millionaires – Tax us!

houston chronicle

Trump Touts ‘Historic’ Tax Cuts – Brady to Sweat the Details

GOP Dilemma: Trump ‘Distractions’ Could Threaten Brady’s Tax Reform Push

Millionaires line up against shameless tax loophole


“Patriotic Millionaires” for fair taxes

think progress

Millionaires Tell Congress To Raise Their

Millionaire Hedge Fund Manager Pens

washington post

Anti-Trump groups have a new target: McDonald’s

More on the looming smackdown over Wall Street reform

‘Buffett Rule’ vs. Ryan plan: Whoa should chip in more?

Some Millionaires and Small Business Owners Say No

“Buffett Rule” gets push from Obama, millionaires

Senate works on financial cliff options

A millionaire for higher taxes


We froze the salaries of 20 executives – and it improved the lives of 500 employees

Why are we still pretending trickle-down economics work?

Senate Republicans feel force of protest … but pass tax bill anyway

Meet the new class traitors who are coming out as rich

I’m a millionaire. I don’t need another tax break, Mr Trump

Trump’s tax plan wins the news cycle – but will he lose the messaging war?

Los Angeles Times

Coons, Carper speak out against Republican tax plan

Maybe Donald Trump wants to repeal the estate tax just because he’s rich

George Zimmer, a millionaire with a plan to help the middle class

Obama’s tax-cut deal upsets many major donors

Millionaires group to lobby for higher taxes — on themselves

Mayors, millionaires meeting with White House officials

Obama promotes ‘Buffett Rule’ among wealthy endorsers

us news

Debate for Democracy

A More Equal Nation: The Patriotic Millionaires Are Pushing To Rid The Nation of Income Inequality

Higher Wages Help Everyone


Why these millionaires want to raise taxes on themselves

Patriotic Millionaires activist group threatens to withhold endorsements if politicians don’t push for higher taxes on the rich

The private plane tax loophole is so egregious even millionaires like me want to close it

Bill to Eliminate Carried Interest Treatment

new yorker

The Billionaires’ Loophole

boston globe

A Wall Street-Main Street Divide

daily show

The 99% of the 1%

huffington post

The GOP Tax Bill Is A Giveaway To Millionaires Like Me

Actual Wealthy People Confirm They, Too, Spend Money On Booze And Movies

Progressive Rep. Jayapal Rallies Troops Against Trump Tax Plan

Millionaires receive hostile reception from

Patriotic Millionaires’ Describe What They’ve Done With Their

Why Millionaires Who Want Higher Taxes Don’t Just Donate

One Percenter Calls For ‘Enlightened Self Interest’ To

Be Liberal; Be GenerousThe Selfish Rich of the 21st Century

Bush Tax Cuts give to the Rich and Opress the Poor


Workers come off sidelines, but for how long?

WELCOME MAT: The Patriotic Millionaires…




“Patriotic millionaires” call for their tax cuts to expire

“Patriotic Millionaires” Please Raise our Taxes

weekly standard

Populist Economics Senses Its Moment

Charlotte Observer

Let’s raise the minimum wage for everybody to $15 an hour, this businessman says


Patriotic Millionaires’: Raise Our Taxes


GOP Obamacare Repeal Would Kick 23 Million Off Health Insurance and Give Trillion-Dollar Tax Cut to People Who Don’t Need It

As Many as 24 Million People Could Lose Their Health Care Coverage If GOP Gets Away with Repealing Obamacare

The Devilish Details: The TPP Trade Pact Gives Too Much To Corporations At Public Expense

“Raise Our Taxes!” Say Patriotic Millionaires As

Money News

Chamber Sidestepped in Obama’s Talks on Avoiding Fiscal Cliff

the inquisitr

Mayors, millionaires meeting with White House on tax hikes

mother jones

Millionaires to Washington: More Taxes, Please!

USA Today

Don’t cut taxes for rich people like me: Walt Disney grandniece Abigail

Opinion: Senate vote overturning CFPB rule is a blow to consumer protections

Opinion: Equifax fallout underscores need to defend consumer access to trial by jury

Patriotic Millionaire’ protests against rich political donors


I’m a Multi-Millionaire So Trump’s Tax Plan Is Great for Me. It’s a Disaster for Everyone Else

5 Career Paths to the Millionaire’s Club


I’m a Multi-Millionaire. Of Course My Heirs Should Pay Estate Tax

Meet The Billionaires Who Run Trump’s Government

Ending Tax Loophole Fraud One State at a Time


A millionaire explains why he wants to pay more taxes

Chicago Tribune

Mayors, millionaires meeting with White House on tax hikes

The Nation

A Private-Sector Case Against Exploitation

Bernie Sanders Is Going to Mississippi to March With Workers This Weekend

Patriotic Millionaires Explain That Tax Cuts for the

The Atlantic

Can Rich Millennials Be Convinced to Give Their Money Away?

The Millionaires Who Disagree With Trump on Taxes

Millionaires for Tax Raises, and the Non-Millionaires

The Hill

Liberal groups launch campaign to oppose tax cuts for the wealthy

We ended slavery, so why exploit people with a $7.25 minimum wage?

Dems, millionaires group press Trump on tax break for investment fund managers

Millionaires back Dems in call for end to tax ‘loophole’

What the carried interest tax loophole reveals about our corrupt political system

New York

Millionaires for More Taxes

Business Insider

A millionaire former BlackRock exec slams McDonald’s over its treatment of workers

Private equity hopes for favorable tax treatment under Trump

There Are 220 Millionaires Begging Congress

Meet the Millionaires who are trying to force


Trump GOP Tax Reform Framework Calls For Estate Tax Repeal

House Repeal Bill Bids Goodbye To ObamaCare Taxes On Under $250,000-A-Year Earners

Senator Ron Wyden Endangers Tax Reform With Hire of Radical Partisan Victor Fleischer

Some Millionaires Want To Pay More Tax

National Journal

Millionaires Hit the Hill to Ask for Tax Raises


Private equity hopes for favorable tax treatment under Trump

Coalition attempts to close private fund manager U.S. tax loophole

Washington Extra – Patriotic millionaires

St. Louis Post Dispatch

For starters, end the carried interest loophole

Real Clear Politics

Patriotic Millionaires’ Message To Congress: “Tax Me”

Hartford Courant

In Union-Backed Ad, Millionaire Connecticut CEO Supports Higher Taxes On Wealthy

Tax The Wealthy, We Can Afford It

Mayors, millionaires meeting with White House on tax hikes

The Baltimore Sun

Mayors, millionaires meeting with White House on tax hikes


Opinion: Guess Who Hates Obama’s Tax On The Super Rich?

Voice of America

US ‘Patriotic Millionaires’: ‘Tax Us More

Obama’s Next Campaign: More Taxes for Rich Americans

radio boston

The Mass. Millionaires Who Want Higher Taxes