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Inequality In America Is More Than An Academic Term

It impacts how we live and even how long we live. It affects education, the length and depth of poverty in our nation, our ability to rise and make a new life for ourselves. Structural inequality means that public policies are made to benefit a very few instead of the mass of Americans. Despite vaunted myths about our democracy, average Americans have little or no influence on political decisions in the United States.

Why I Am A Patriotic Millionaire: Bob Titley


In Country Music, you learn to respect all people no matter their position in life. That’s just part and parcel of country culture: good ole southern politeness and hospitality. And then there’s self-interest. The first time I shook hands with Garth Brooks, he was selling boots at a boot store in Brentwood, Tennessee. In Nashville, you never know if your waiter, or a day laborer, or someone sleeping in their car might be the next superstar. You learn to respect everyone, which happens to be a good lesson to learn in life anyway.