Patriotic Millionaires Staff

Our staff is based out of Washington DC, Los Angeles, and New York. They are:


Erica Payne

Founder and President

Kelsea-Marie Pym

Executive Director

Gene Haigh

Chief of Staff & Senior Vice President of Government Affairs

Chloe Shanklin

Director, Political Strategy and Members

Sam Quigley

Communications Director

René Felt

Art Director

DeVeria Flowers

Director of Finance and Administration

Dylan Dusseault

Director of International Outreach

Izzy Weir

Senior Associate, Digital Communications

Teddy Rube

Senior Associate, Political Strategy

Fiona McCarthy

Deputy Communications Director

Isabella Louis

Special Assistant to the President

Peter Rossi

Associate, Communications

Clark Lunday

Political Strategy Associate

Kayla Pasacreta-Okobi

Junior Associate