What Happened to the American Dream?

This blog originally appeared on WalkerViewPoints on 9/30/20  Many kids, like me, first-generation college students, with farm and factory parents realized the American Dream. Ours was postwar America, a time of relative prosperity, when a poor kid could afford a decent college, when good jobs were abundant, and when wages were good.’ Introducing the Great Society in 1964 at the University of Michigan, Lyndon Johnson … Continue reading What Happened to the American Dream? »

Big corporations are Preying on the Small Business Loan Program

Since the program’s launch, countless small businesses across the country discovered that the government loans they were promised to stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis were handed over to wealthy corporations before they ever saw a dime.  Those small businesses are the backbone of the American dream, offering immigrants and low income Americans a path to financial independence and success. But without critical aid, the … Continue reading Big corporations are Preying on the Small Business Loan Program »

Inequality Propounded

Post originally appeared on WalkerViewPoints on 3/26/20 Inequality has steadily escalated since the days of Reagan and Thatcher. It’s now deeply ingrained in every aspect of our society. And, no matter what the major problem of the world, the less fortunate always get the short end of the stick. The environment is a good example. As we continue to pollute our water, who is forced to … Continue reading Inequality Propounded »

Blaming Our Woes on Immigrants is Fake News

What’s happening to our country? The Supreme Court just upheld President Trump’s travel ban. The Trump administration is determined to reduce all categories of immigration, including those seeking refuge and asylum from horrible conditions in their countries. Just this quarter, the administration has separated immigrant children from parents at the border, creating a massive outcry across our country. Uniquely a country of immigrants, starting with … Continue reading Blaming Our Woes on Immigrants is Fake News »

Americans Do Care About Inequality!

Post originally appeared at WalkerViewPoints on 12/26/17. How do you feel when you walk through the Business Class section of the airplane on your way to crowded and uncomfortable coach seating, while privileged customers are sipping their free champagne? Do you wonder for a moment how their wealth was obtained, whether every one of them gained it fairly, without privilege of birth? I venture to … Continue reading Americans Do Care About Inequality! »