2020 Federal Endorsements

The Patriotic Millionaires organization endorses candidates who will champion the “first principles” of a fair tax system, a livable minimum wage, and equal political representation in their campaigns, and who will support legislation that translates these principles into laws if elected. We are excited to endorse candidates who are making real strides to uphold these values.

Our emphasis has always been on challengers fighting to remake Congress into a body capable of acting on our priorities. Below you’ll find our newly endorsed 2020 candidates and our 2018 endorsees that flipped their seats and are now representing our priorities in Congress.

See our endorsed Challengers below!

US Senate


US House of Representatives

A celebrated career in broadcast journalism wasn’t enough for Alan Cohn. We need his powerful voice on the campaign trail in Florida’s critical I-4 corridor, and his laser-focus on working and middle class families in Washington.

With his experience serving our country overseas as a diplomat, Sri Preston Kulkarni is focused on bringing people together to fix the problems Texans face in their daily lives.

Dr. Cameron Webb is a proven fighter and a champion for a more inclusive economy. He’s the kind of leader Virginia deserves – we’re confident Dr. Webb will be a trusted voice for many years to come.

A baseball player turned legal advocate, JD Scholten is running a formidable retail campaign in rural Iowa focused on inequality and helping working people get ahead. He’s an incredible partner and would be a strong champion in the next Congress.

After a close contest in 2018, we are thrilled Kara Eastman is back in the fight. She’s a former social worker with a personal connection to Omaha. We can’t wait for her to win and give working people in Nebraska, not just millionaires, a voice on Capitol Hill.

Running a relentless campaign in a top district in a critical state, Eugene DePasquale he has a history of holding the powerful accountable. He’s a proven competitor, and an ally we need in Congress.

Civil rights attorney Hillary Scholten is stepping up to serve her community. She’s passionate about securing fair wages for the hardworking families of Central Michigan. She’s overcome challenges before, so we know she’ll do it in Congress.

Candace Valenzuela is an unapologetic progressive with an incredible story. We’re excited to support her grassroots, values-first campaign to flip one of the most competitive districts in the country.

Western Colorado needs a representative with experience and expertise like Diane Mitsch Bush. She knows how the game is rigged to benefit special interests, and we’re confident she’ll a champion for Coloradans from the moment she steps foot in Washington

Nancy Goroff is right on the issues, and we could really use another scientist in Congress. The evidence is there – we can trust this professor to bring rational representation to Long Island.

Gretchen Driskell is running to help working people get ahead. She’s committed to the needs of her Southern Michigan community, not out of state big money interests.

Josh Hicks is running for all the right reasons. As a Marine Veteran and a lawyer, he knows from experience what it means to be tough. He’s not a political insider, but when it comes to standing up for his community, he won’t give an inch.

Bucks County couldn’t ask for a better representative than Christina Finello. She has a law degree, a Ph.D, and a passion for helping her neighbors and fellow citizens. In Congress, she’ll seize every opportunity to help working families.

After 20 years as a nurse, Celeste Williams decided to run for Congress and serve her community. Her noble goal – to bring good jobs and affordable healthcare to Arkansas has never been more important. We are proud to endorse her candidacy.

When voters from Pennsylvania hear Kristy Gnibus’ message – that kids from every zip code deserve to have the tools they need to succeed in life – we’re confident they’ll make the right choice and unseat a corrupt architect of the GOP tax scam.

Running one of the most competitive campaigns in the entire country, Carolyn Bourdeaux is poised to take her policy expertise to Washington. She’ll be ready on Day One to help create a fair tax code and stand up to the corrosive influence of big money politics.

Lawyer and advocate Lulu Seikaly is a trailblazer we’re proud to support. She’s running in a young, rapidly changing district full of possibilities. She’s proved Plano is in play, and Rep. Van Taylor is feeling the heat.

When the COVID-19 Pandemic struck, Illinois knew it couldn’t depend on Rep. Adam Kinzinger. Dani Brzozowski stepped up, using her experience as an educator and activist to fill the void. In Congress, she’ll fight for working people and won’t stop until the job is done.

Phil Arballo’s strong Central Valley roots and energetic campaign to unseat Rep. Devin Nunes is one worth watching. He knows we must pass a living wage so nobody has to work three jobs to support their family.

Kathleen Williams understands a high stock market might be great for some, but it masks the struggles of others. We can count on her to represent Montana as a true public servant.

Marie Newman is poised to be a leading voice in our country’s battle with extreme inequality. A progressive trailblazer with a background in small business –she is both bold and practical and will make a fantastic Congresswoman.

In Congress, Dana Balter would be a champion for Central and Western New Yorkers. She will fight for campaign finance reform and leave corporate special interests out in the cold.

There’s no doubt why so many California Democrats are behind Christy Smith. During her short time in the Assembly, she’s proven herself to be a pragmatic progressive that follows the facts. We’re proud to join this fight with a strong champion of public education and we are looking forward to her delivering for her constituents.

Western New Yorkers deserve representation from someone like Tracy Mitrano. She will put her neighbors first, fighting for local families and the share of America’s prosperity they deserve.

Tricia Zunker knows the hardworking people of Northern Wisconsin deserve a fair day’s pay and a solid education, no matter what background they come from.

Desiree Tims knows too many Ohioans were left out of the Great Recovery. Her campaign is about inclusion, and fighting to make our economy resilient for everyone, not just those at the top.

Cincinnati native Kate Schroder has focused on results her whole career. In Congress, she’ll do what it takes to deliver for the people of Southwestern Ohio on the issues that matter to them.

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan is running for congress to put working families of central Illinois first, and kick special interest donors to the curb.

A civil rights lawyer, an educator, and now a fantastic candidate for Congress, Mike Siegel has spent his career fighting to preserve the American Dream.

Kathy Ellis has served the needs of others her whole career. In Congress, she would represent the families of Southeastern Missouri with courage and passion.

A compassionate attorney born and raised in Texas –Julie Oliver knows we need to unrig an economy that leaves millions of Americans behind.

Retired Air Force Colonel Moe Davis has a long record of leadership and integrity, values that will help him deliver for Western North Carolinians on Capitol Hill.

In the statehouse, Jon Hoadley always prioritizes the needs of his community before lobbyists and big donors. He would do the same in Congress, bringing honest and accessible representation to the people of Southwest Michigan.

Deborah Ross is ready to use her skills as a legislator to fight for Raleigh and raise wages for hardworking American families.


Click on the photos below to check out the campaign websites of our first round of endorsees, incumbent members of Congress who have acted upon our values. We are proud to back them all for another term.


“I am proud to receive the endorsement of the Patriotic Millionaires for my re-election campaign. The Trump Administration’s policies continue to widen the wealth gap benefitting billionaires and corporations while burdening working families. My focus since coming to Congress has been to fight for the middle class and working families, and I am honored to continue this fight alongside the Patriotic Millionaires.”

Congresswoman Katie Porter