“ Because my country — our country — means more than my money. ”

Charlie Fink, former AOL executive


Rich people are not the cause of a robust economy, they are the result of a robust economy. Ron Garret, Patriotic Millionaire and Angel Investor



23 hours ago
"Under the guise of “tip-pooling" owners can pocket the money. Workers would no longer have a legal right to their tips & be forced to take their employer to court to demand their portion of the “shared” tips if their employer is untruthful or greedy" https://t.co/gRCrr3UBdw
24 hours ago
"The new carried interest rule was drafted to give the appearance of closing a loophole without actually doing anything. It's so riddled with loopholes that to try to fix anything is meaningless," #ClosetheLoophole https://t.co/Lpc53nbAlW