“ Because my country — our country — means more than my money. ”

Charlie Fink, former AOL executive


I don’t want to add to my personal net worth at the expense of my fellow Americans. I can pay more, I should pay more, and I reject the false concept that we wealthy Americans are the job creators who will leave the country with our money if we’re asked to pay our fair share. —Karen Stewart, Patriotic Millionaire and Angel Investor



8 hours ago
In 1960, expanding the minimum wage caused a 20% decrease in the Black-white earnings gap.

Imagine what #RaiseTheWage could now when over 31% of Black women in America would see an increase in pay.

Raising the minimum wage is a racial justice issue.
10 hours ago
Minimum Wage:
2009: $7.25/hour
2021: $7.25/hour

U.S. billionaire wealth:
2009: $1.3 trillion
2021: $4.1 trillion

Is anyone still confused as to why we want to #TaxTheRich and #RaiseTheWage?!
12 hours ago
#TaxTheRich is an enlightening insider’s tour of the nation’s tax code, explaining exactly how the rich — & the politicians they control—manipulate the U.S. tax code to ensure the rich get richer, and everyone else is left holding the bag.

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