“ I’m not any more altruistic than the next guy.
I’m just greedy for a different kind of country. ”

Morris Pearl, Chair, Patriotic Millionaires



I’m not any more altruistic than the next guy, I’m just greedy for a different kind of country than most other rich people. I want to be a rich man in a rich country.
Morris Pearl, Patriotic Millionaires Chair and Former Managing Director at BlackRock




Patriotic Millionaires

Proud “traitors to their class,” members of the Patriotic Millionaires are high-net worth Americans, business leaders, and investors who are united in their concern about the destabilizing concentration of wealth and power in America. The mission of The Patriotic Millionaires organization is to build a more stable, prosperous, and inclusive nation by promoting public policies based on the “first principles” of equal political representation, a guaranteed living wage for all working citizens, and a fair tax system: 1. All citizens should enjoy political power equal to that enjoyed by millionaires; 2. All citizens who work full time should be able to afford their basic needs; 3. Tax receipts from millionaires, billionaires and corporations should comprise a greater proportion of federal tax receipts.
Patriotic Millionaires
Patriotic Millionaires20 hours ago
It’s Pride Month, and we’ve tapped in a friend, Will Beauty , the Business Bi*ch herself, to help explain some egregious tax loopholes, shrinkflation, the Trump tax cuts, and much more…⁣

Today we’re looking at shrinkflation. Turns out, there’s a reason your Big Mac is more expensive and your chip bags are full of air: corporate greed.
Patriotic Millionaires
Patriotic Millionaires
Patriotic Millionaires23 hours ago
62% of American millionaires agree that rapidly expanding inequality is a threat to democracy.

We polled 800 of our fellow millionaires to gauge how deep support for taxing the rich goes. Spoiler alert... it's extremely popular.

Patriotic Millionaires
Patriotic Millionaires2 days ago
It’s Pride Month, so we decided to tap in a friend to help explain some of these complicated tax policies (and loopholes).

The Business Bi*ch herself, Will Beauty, is here to spill the tea on some of our core issues. Make sure to visit our socials throughout the week, when we’ll be discussing shrinkflation, the Trump tax cuts, and much more...
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