Congratulations to our Endorsed Candidates

The Patriotic Millionaires organization endorses candidates who will champion the “first principles” of a fair tax system, a livable minimum wage, and equal political representation in their campaigns, and who will support legislation that translates these principles into laws if elected. We want to congratulate our endorsed candidates who won their 2022 elections: Rep. Lucy McBath, Rep. Colin Allred, Rep. Greg Casar, Rep. Chris Deluzio, Rep. Josh Harder, Rep. Andy Kim, Rep. Summer Lee, Rep. Katie Porter, Rep. Deborah Ross, Rep. Hillary Scholten, & Rep. Jennifer Wexton.

We are so proud of all of our 2022 endorsed candidates and how they performed in what was a very tough election cycle for Democrats. We are excited to now start working with these candidates as members of Congress, as there is much work to be done to end the preferential treatment of millionaires, billionaires, and corporations at the expense of working people.

Rep. McBath flipped a seat that hasn’t been held by a Democrat since the 60s. If state lawmakers think they can redraw maps to push her out of Congress, they’re wrong.

His leadership on voting rights and positive economic vision help make him a rising star in national politics.

As an Austin City Council member, Casar successfully raised the wages of thousands of workers and fought for civil rights protections. He’s an effective and well-respected advocate for his constituents.

Deluzio is an Iraq war veteran and is now a voting rights attorney and his main focus as a candidate has been defending our democracy.

He understands how passing Raise the Wage will build trust with skeptical voters and help address rampant inequality.

Former diplomat Andy Kim is a measured but firm bipartisan champion who flipped a South Jersey district Democrats had written off for cycles.

State Rep. Lee has all of the qualifications of a true progressive and is currently representing Pennsylvania’s 34th district in the state house.

Professor Porter flipped a conservative Orange County seat with bold progressive values. She’s a champion of accountability and an invaluable member of congress.

She’s a practical and effective legislator. When we notch wins on kitchen table issuers for hardworking families, chances are Rep. Ross played a role.

Scholten has experience with the Obama Admin’s Department of Justice and will be a practical and successful negotiator in the halls of Congress.

Former prosecutor Jennifer Wexton has proven to be an unapologetic advocate for a living wage and Northern Virginia families.



“I am proud to receive the endorsement of the Patriotic Millionaires for my re-election campaign. My focus since coming to Congress has been to fight for the middle class and working families, and I am honored to continue this fight alongside the Patriotic Millionaires.”

Congresswoman Katie Porter