Patriotic Millionaires’ Chair Morris Pearl Releases Statement on Lauer’s ‘Epic Fail’

Today Patriotic Millionaire Chair Morris Pearl released the following statement regarding Matt Lauer’s performance at last night’s “Commander-in-Chief” forum:
“As an American and an avid believer in the importance of the fourth estate in our democracy, I am deeply disappointed in Matt Lauer’s performance last night.  At a moment when Americans are desperately looking for the right answers, Mr. Lauer failed to even ask the right questions. We hope that NBC will redeem itself at the first national presidential debate to be held on September 26th by both asking the right questions and demanding the candidates actually answer them. In particular, we hope that Lester Holt will ask the candidates about their plans to repair our American democracy, which is currently under egregious attacks by monied interests and unscrupulous politicans who use disenfranchisement as a political strategy.  
NBC has an opportunity two weeks from now to deliver the kind of robust discussion we need about the health of our democracy. At a time when the gap between the powerful and the powerless is wider than it has been in a century, the press has a grave responsibility to the public. I urge NBC and Lester Holt to fulfill their duty to the citizenry of this great country.”
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