So Goes the Nation: North Carolina

Today the Patriotic Millionaires are delighted to be speaking at the National Urban League’s State of Black America Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. This events marks the 40th anniversary of this seminal report.

The Patriotic Millionaires are also formally releasing a new white paper “So Goes the Nation: North Carolina.” In this addendum to our book, Renegotiating Power and Money in America, the Patriotic Millionaires detail how a small number of self-interested millionaires colluded with top government officials to significantly reduce the economic prospects of working North Carolinians and to violate the civil rights of thousands of citizens – all in order to enrich their own pocketbooks and enact an extremist agenda far out of step with the vast majority of Tar Heels.

Patriotic Millionaires Scott and Christy Wallace, Stephen and Carol Prince, Morris Pearl, and Ted LaRoche will be joining Dr. Patrick Graham, President of the Urban League of the Central Carolinas, for a critical discussion about concrete ways to build economic and political power in the African American community in North Carolina and in our nation.

From the report:

“Under the leadership of Governor Pat McCrory, North Carolina – once a powerful symbol of Southern progress – has become Exhibit A for How to Destroy American Democracy.”

“The US Chamber of Commerce does not represent ‘American business,’ and by the same token, the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce does not represent ‘North Carolina business.’ Instead, both organizations represent the companies that pay them. They are nothing more and nothing less than bought and paid for lobbyists for a small number of clients who pay the vast majority of their annual operating costs.”

Today’s conference, and this paper, highlight an important effort by the Patriotic Millionaires to hold these officials with the highest levels of power and authority accountable.

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