Press Releases

05/23/22 Global Millionaires Demand Davos Attendees Tax The Rich
05/22/22 ADVISORY: Millionaires protest in Davos against extreme wealth and call for wealth taxes
05/06/22 Patriotic Millionaires: Henry Cuellar “Does Not Deserve the Establishment’s Support”
04/01/22 Patriotic Millionaires to Host Power and Money: Oligarchs vs. All of Us
03/30/22 Patriotic Millionaires Take Their Tax the Rich! Tour to Mitch McConnell’s Backyard, Launch 3-Day Tour of Kentucky
03/28/22 With Biden Endorsement of Billionaires Income Tax, Democrats Should Go All-In on Taxing the Rich
03/02/22 Patriotic Millionaires Applaud Senator Manchin’s Support for Raising Taxes on the Rich
01/27/22 Patriotic Millionaires To Primary Democratic Incumbents 
01/19/22 Over 100 Millionaires Call Out Davos Attendees in Scathing Letter Demanding They Tax the Rich: “You’re Part of the Problem”
01/18/22 Over 100 Millionaires Worldwide Call for Wealth Taxes on the Richest
11/19/21 Patriotic Millionaires Applaud House Democrats’ Passage of the Build Back Better Act
11/03/21 Repealing the SALT Cap Would be a Colossal Mistake
Progressives Are Not to Blame For McAuliffe’s Loss
11/02/21 Patriotic Millionaires Urge Progressive Caucus to Hold The Line
10/28/21 Patriotic Millionaires Blast Elon Musk for Billionaires Income Tax Comments “Elon Musk: 300 billion reasons to tax the rich”
Democrats Take First (Very Small) Step in Tax Justice Journey of 1,000 Miles
10/22/21 If Sinema Won’t Let Dems Raise Rates, They Should Tax Billionaires’ Unrealized Gains
10/20/21 Senate Dems Can’t Let Republicans Stand in the Way of Democracy Reform
10/08/21 Patriotic Millionaires Celebrate OECD Reaching Final Deal on Global Corporate Minimum Tax
10/04/21 Patriotic Millionaires Call for Crackdown on Global Elite Evading Taxes Like “Common Criminals”