Press Releases

04/24/20 Patriotic Millionaires: Phase 3.5 Bill “Nowhere Near Enough”
04/07/20 SCOTUS Decision on Wisconsin Absentee Ballots is “Disgraceful”
03/31/20 Speaker Pelosi’s Idea to Repeal SALT Caps in Coronavirus Stimulus Would Be a Huge Mistake
03/25/20 OBSCENE: Patriotic Millionaires Slam Senate Bill Provisions on CEO Compensation
03/23/20 Bail Out Workers, Not Shareholders
03/20/20 Burr and Loeffler Insider Trading Requires “Resignation and Prosecution”
03/16/20 NYS Millionaires Urge State Leaders to Raise Their Taxes to Meet the Needs of All New Yorkers
03/12/20 Patriotic Millionaires Chair Blasts Trump Coronavirus Relief Plan
03/08/20 One Year Since HR 1 Passed the House: “An Absolute Disgrace” That Bill Lies Dormant in the Senate
03/06/20 Trump’s Plan to Cut Entitlements to Pay for Tax Cuts for the Rich: “Cruel”
02/11/20 Trump Administration’s 2021 Budget Lays Out “Cruel Priorities” Favoring the Rich at the Expense of the Poor
01/29/20 Patriotic Millionaires President: Maryland Must Close “Egregious” Carried Interest Loophole
01/21/20 A Decade of Citizens United: “10 Years of Selling Our Political System to the Highest Bidder”
01/15/20 Abigail Disney, Patriotic Millionaires of California, and California Voices for Progress: “It is time for the State of California to intervene” on CEO pay
12/20/19 Patriotic Millionaires Endorse Eight 2020 Congressional Candidates
10/25/19 Tax My Estate
10/07/19 Patriotic Millionaires Launch 2020 Candidate Training Website
09/26/19 Morris Pearl: Confirmation of Eugene Scalia as Labor Secretary an “Absolute Betrayal to the American Worker”
09/24/19 Patriotic Millionaires Welcome Bernie Sanders’s Wealth Tax Proposal to National Tax Debate
09/19/19 Patriotic Millionaires and Staff Challenge Congress to “Keep In Mind the 700,000 D.C. Residents Who Do Not Get to Decide” on Statehood