Press Releases

10/08/21 Patriotic Millionaires Celebrate OECD Reaching Final Deal on Global Corporate Minimum Tax
10/04/21 Patriotic Millionaires Call for Crackdown on Global Elite Evading Taxes Like “Common Criminals” 
10/01/21 Patriotic Millionaires Celebrate Progressives Holding Strong on BIF to Protect Biden Agenda
09/22/21 In Letter to Progressive Caucus, Patriotic Millionaires Urge Showdown With Wall Street Democrats
09/13/21 Patriotic Millionaires Slam House W&M Pay Fors: ‘America’s billionaires are popping champagne’
08/10/21 Patriotic Millionaires: Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Is Not Enough
08/05/21 Patriotic Millionaires Mourns the Passing of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka
08/03/21 Patriotic Millionaires Slam Congress and White House on Eviction Moratorium Expiration
07/29/21 Patriotic Millionaires Release Statement on Senate Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal
07/20/21 If Jeff Bezos Can Afford to Go to Space, He Can Afford to Pay More in Taxes
07/19/21 Patriotic Millionaires Statement on GOP Stripping IRS Funding from Infrastructure Bill
Patriotic Millionaires Celebrate Delaware Minimum Wage Hike, Demand Delaware Senators Support $15
07/12/21 Patriotic Millionaires Cheer On Texas Democrats as They Flee State to Block GOP Voting Restrictions
07/01/21 Patriotic Millionaires Praise OECD Global Corporate Minimum Tax Deal
06/24/21 Patriotic Millionaires: Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Must Be Paired With Ambitious Reconciliation Bill
06/22/21 Representative Democracy is under attack, Again in the United States Senate
Patriotic Millionaires Speak Out In Favor of DC Statehood
06/17/21 Patriotic Millionaires: Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Deal Is a Bad Deal for Working Americans
06/09/21 Millionaires React to ProPublica Report Detailing how the Wealthy Avoid Paying Taxes
06/07/21 Business Leaders and Millionaires Celebrate G7 Minimum Corporate Tax Deal as Good “First Step,” Demand Even Higher Rates