Press Releases

03/11/21 Patriotic Millionaires: The American Rescue Plan is a Win for All Americans
03/01/21 Patriotic Millionaires Praise Warren Wealth Tax: “Exactly What This Country Needs”
02/26/21 Patriotic Millionaires to VP Harris: Use Your Power, Keep $15 In
02/23/21 Patriotic Millionaires Slam Romney/Cotton Minimum Wage Bill as “Pathetic”
02/17/21 Patriotic Millionaires on Romney/Cotton Minimum Wage Plan: Anything Less than $15 is Unacceptable
02/08/21 CBO Analysis of Raise the Wage Act is “Overwhelmingly Positive”
01/07/21 Patriotic Millionaires Statement on Presidential Sedition
11/30/20 Patriotic Millionaires Statement on Biden Economic Team, Treasury Secretary Announcement
10/26/20 Patriotic Millionaires Blast SCOTUS Nomination Process as Illegitimate and Anti-American
10/16/20 Patriotic Millionaires’ Statement on Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Abdication of Moral and Constitutional Duty as Ranking Member of Senate Judiciary Committee during Illegitimate SCOTUS Hearings
10/06/20 Patriotic Millionaires on Trump Halting Relief Negotiations: Americans Can’t Wait Another Day
09/28/20 Patriotic Millionaires on Trump Tax Returns: The American People Should be Pissed Off
07/30/20 Patriotic Millionaires Chair: We’re All in Big Trouble Without Substantial Government Spending
07/27/20 Patriotic Millionaires Chair: Senate GOP Covid Bill Would Plunge the United States into a Prolonged Recession
06/26/20 Patriotic Millionaires Chair: DC Statehood Would “End an Inexcusable Injustice”
04/24/20 Patriotic Millionaires: Phase 3.5 Bill “Nowhere Near Enough”
04/07/20 SCOTUS Decision on Wisconsin Absentee Ballots is “Disgraceful”
03/31/20 Speaker Pelosi’s Idea to Repeal SALT Caps in Coronavirus Stimulus Would Be a Huge Mistake
03/25/20 OBSCENE: Patriotic Millionaires Slam Senate Bill Provisions on CEO Compensation
03/23/20 Bail Out Workers, Not Shareholders