Press Releases

09/20/18 200+ Millionaires Make First Candidate Endorsements Against GOP Tax Cuts
09/17/18 Patriotic Millionaires of DC on Initiative 77 Repeal: “A Betrayal of DC Voters”
09/14/18 On Lehman Bros Bankruptcy Anniversary, Wall Street Veteran Says Congress is Leading Us to Another Crash
09/11/18 Patriotic Millionaires Blast House Republicans on “Reckless and Stupid” Tax Reform 2.0 Plan
09/06/18 Patriotic Millionaires Slam Tax Reform 2.0 and Its Authors as “Hopelessly Corrupt”
08/21/18 Patriotic Millionaire Calls Warren Anti-Corruption Legislation “A No-Brainer”
07/31/18 Patriotic Millionaires Launch Multi-Pronged Midterm Assault on GOP Tax Bill
07/24/18 Congress Cares More About Health Industry Profits Than American Lives
House GOP Keeps the Party Going for Rich Donors with Tax Cuts 2.0
07/10/18 DC Patriotic Millionaires Slam Mendelson Bill to Overturn 77 as “A Betrayal to Voters”
07/09/18 21 naked women ask President Trump one question
06/28/18 Patriotic Millionaires on Foxconn: “Indifference on Display”
06/27/18 Patriotic Millionaires on Janus: “An Assault on the American Worker”
06/25/18 Patriotic Millionaires on TX Redistricting Case: “An Insult to the American Constitution”
06/21/18 Patriotic Millionaire Slams House Farm Bill: “A Slap in the Face to Poor Americans”
06/20/18 The $15 Minimum Wage in MA: “It’s Just the Right Thing”
06/19/18 House 2019 Budget Proposal: “Grossly unAmerican”
06/18/18 SCOTUS Gerrymandering Decisions “Sidestep Justice”
06/13/18 TOMORROW: Patriotic Millionaires NJ Press Conference on Millionaires Tax and Carried Interest Loophole
06/11/18 Patriotic Millionaires Respond to Supreme Court Decision on Ohio Voter Roll Purge