Press Releases

06/20/24 Patriotic Millionaires Relieved and Alarmed by Moore v. US Decision
05/23/24 Patriotic Millionaires Encouraged by Secretary Yellen’s Clarification on G20 Billionaire Tax
05/20/24 Patriotic Millionaires Urge Secretary Yellen to Clarify Position on Global Minimum Tax on Billionaires
04/17/24 Patriotic Millionaires Project Video Onto IMF and World Bank Buildings Demanding to be Taxed More Ahead of G20 Finance Ministers Meeting 
04/10/24 Patriotic Millionaires Host Fifth Annual Policy Summit, “How to Fix Everything”
02/26/24 Patriotic Millionaires Endorse First Candidates of 2024
02/05/24 The Patriotic Millionaires Welcome Sarah Christopherson as Senior Legislative Advisor as Organization Ramps up for #TaxFight2025
01/17/24 Patriotic Millionaires Available for Interviews during Davos
01/16/24 Patriotic Millionaires Support CTC Expansion, Condemn Corporate Tax Cuts
NEW POLL: Almost three-quarters of millionaires in G20 countries support higher taxes on wealth; over half think extreme wealth is a “threat to democracy”
12/19/23 Patriotic Millionaires Call on Department of Justice to Investigate Justice Clarence Thomas for Ethics Violations
11/30/23 Patriotic Millionaires Applaud Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow Subpoenas
11/09/23 Patriotic Millionaires Denounce Senate Judiciary Committee Postponing Vote on Leo, Crow Subpoenas
10/31/23 Patriotic Millionaires on Republican Bill to Cut IRS Funding for Israel Aid
Patriotic Millionaires Applaud Tentative UAW Deals with Big Three
10/26/23 Patriotic Millionaires on the Elevation of Election Denier Mike Johnson (R-LA) to Speaker of the House
10/04/23 Patriotic Millionaires Sends Open Letter Demanding Moore Attorneys “Correct Factual Errors” In Filings to the Supreme Court in Moore v. United States
09/26/23 Patriotic Millionaires Applaud President Biden for Joining UAW Picket Line
09/15/23 Patriotic Millionaires Support Striking UAW Workers
09/05/23 Over 300 Millionaires, Economists, G20 Member Politicians Sign Onto New Letter Imploring the G20 to Tax the Ultra-Rich