Press Releases

09/26/19 Morris Pearl: Confirmation of Eugene Scalia as Labor Secretary an “Absolute Betrayal to the American Worker”
09/24/19 Patriotic Millionaires Welcome Bernie Sanders’s Wealth Tax Proposal to National Tax Debate
09/19/19 Patriotic Millionaires and Staff Challenge Congress to “Keep In Mind the 700,000 D.C. Residents Who Do Not Get to Decide” on Statehood
09/12/19 Patriotic Millionaire Stephen Prince: Senator Wyden’s Tax Proposal “A Key Step Towards Making the Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share”
08/27/19 Morris Pearl: Eugene Scalia Has No Place Serving as This Country’s Labor Secretary
08/23/19 Patriotic Millionaire John Driscoll to Meet with Macron to Discuss Inclusive Capitalism Ahead of G7 Summit
08/19/19 Change to Corporate Prioritization of Shareholder Value Is Long Overdue: “If Capitalism Is to Survive, It Must Change”
07/30/19 ‘Democracy for All’ Constitutional Amendment Would “Wipe Clean the Dark Stain Citizens United Has Left on Our Democracy”
07/18/19 House Vote on 2019 Raise the Wage Act “A Historic Win For Everyone in Our Economy”
07/08/19 CBO Minimum Wage Report Shows $15 Wage Would Leave Workers “Unambiguously Better Off”
06/27/19 Census Citizenship Question “Blatantly Partisan”: SCOTUS Decision “Protects Our Democracy”
SCOTUS Gerrymandering Decision A “Gross Miscarriage of Justice”
06/26/19 Democratic Hopefuls in Presidential Debate Must Answer How They Plan to Close “Unconscionable Gap” Between Rich and Poor
06/20/19 New Jersey Professor and Patriotic Millionaire Condemns NJ Axe on the Millionaires’ Tax
06/05/19 Walmart CEO’s Call for Higher Minimum Wage Shows That Raising the Wage “Isn’t Just a Win for Workers, It’s a Win for Businesses Too”
05/28/19 Connecticut Business Leader and Patriotic Millionaires Praises CT $15 Minimum Wage
05/19/19 “We Need to Increase Funding for the IRS so That They Can Hold Tax Cheats Accountable”
05/15/19 Patriotic Millionaires Join Advocates, Students in Support of New Jersey Millionaire’s Tax
05/14/19 Patriotic Millionaire Abigail Disney to Testify Before Congress On CEO-Worker Pay Ratios
03/27/19 Patriotic Millionaire on Senator Udall’s Introduction of the For the People Act: “Senate Republicans Must Prove They’re Not the Party of Corruption.”