Press Releases

05/31/23 Patriotic Millionaires Statement on House Passage of Debt Ceiling Deal
05/26/23 Patriotic Millionaires Slam Biden, GOP on Rollback of IRS Funding in Pending Debt Limit Deal
05/04/23 Patriotic Millionaires, Business Leaders Applaud Senator Sanders’ $17 Minimum Wage
04/26/23 Patriotic Millionaires Slam House GOP Debt Ceiling Plan for Protecting Rich Tax Cheats while Hurting Poor Families
04/18/23 Patriotic Millionaires Head to Capitol Hill, Tell Congress to “Tax Us More” Warning Current Tax Code is Destabilizing the Nation and Promotes Inequality
04/17/23 Patriotic Millionaires Host “American Agenda (The Money Part)” Conference
03/23/23 Chair of Patriotic Millionaires, Former BlackRock Managing Director, Reacts to Fed Interest Rate Hike by 25 Basis Points
03/13/23 Patriotic Millionaires: Silicon Valley Bank’s Incompetence is a Policy Failure Impacting Regular Americans
03/09/23 Biden’s Budget is the Most Ambitious Tax Plan We’ve Seen from a President in Decades
03/07/23 Patriotic Millionaires: Biden’s Medicare Tax Proposal is Just What the Doctor Ordered
03/01/23 Patriotic Millionaires: Julie Su is the Labor Secretary American Workers Need
02/08/23 Patriotic Millionaires Cheer Biden Plan to Tax Billionaires and Stock Buybacks
02/01/23 Patriotic Millionaires Tell the Fed: “Back Off” On Rate Hikes
01/19/23 Republicans are Holding the Economy Hostage over the Debt Ceiling
01/17/23 Hundreds of Millionaires Release New Letter Demanding Leaders at Davos Tax Extreme Wealth
01/16/23 New Oxfam Report on Inequality and Extreme Wealth Proves the Need to Tax the Rich
01/09/23 Patriotic Millionaires Condemn House Republicans for Protecting Criminal Tax Evaders
01/05/23 Patriotic Millionaires Applaud FTC Proposal to Ban Non-compete Agreements
01/04/23 Patriotic Millionaires: Biden and Congress Are Siding with Billionaires Over Rail Workers
12/20/22 Patriotic Millionaires: Omnibus Retirement Changes are a Giveaway to the Rich