Press Releases

02/01/23 Patriotic Millionaires Tell the Fed: “Back Off” On Rate Hikes
01/19/23 Republicans are Holding the Economy Hostage over the Debt Ceiling
01/17/23 Hundreds of Millionaires Release New Letter Demanding Leaders at Davos Tax Extreme Wealth
01/16/23 New Oxfam Report on Inequality and Extreme Wealth Proves the Need to Tax the Rich
01/09/23 Patriotic Millionaires Condemn House Republicans for Protecting Criminal Tax Evaders
01/05/23 Patriotic Millionaires Applaud FTC Proposal to Ban Non-compete Agreements
12/20/22 Patriotic Millionaires: Omnibus Retirement Changes are a Giveaway to the Rich
12/09/22 Patriotic Millionaires: Senator Sinema Hasn’t Been a Democrat For Years
11/29/22 Patriotic Millionaires: Biden and Congress Are Siding with Billionaires Over Rail Workers
11/01/22 Patriotic Millionaires Back Biden’s Call for a Windfall Profits Tax
Patriotic Millionaires International Statement on Brazilian Election Results
10/18/22 Patriotic Millionaires Call Out JD Vance’s Debate Lies
10/11/22 Patriotic Millionaires Stand By Rail Workers as They Reject Contract Deal
09/22/22 Patriotic Millionaires: Senate Republicans Go to Bat for Their Dark Money Donors
Patriotic Millionaires Announce Endorsement of Four Congressional Candidates
09/14/22 Patriotic Millionaires Slam “Un-Patriotic” Billionaire Warren Buffett for Looming Rail Catastrophe
09/13/22 Patriotic Millionaires Join President Biden for White House Celebration of the IRA
08/16/22 Patriotic Millionaires Celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act
08/12/22 Patriotic Millionaires Celebrate House Passage of Inflation Reduction Act
08/10/22 Patriotic Millionaires Endorse Five Congressional Candidates