Patriotic Millionaire Art Lipson to Attend Chaffetz Town Hall

Thursday, February 09


February 9, 2016

Contact: Kelsea-Marie Pym


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“Chaffetz and Bishop want to steal American parkland, which belongs to the citizens of all state”


Cottonwood Heights, UT – Tonight, Patriotic Millionaire Art Lipson will be attending Representative Chaffetz’s town hall meeting to hold him and Representative Rob Bishop accountable for their repeated attempts to sell off millions of acres of public federal land and refusal to investigate President Trump’s many conflicts of interest. Lipson stated:


“Chaffetz and Bishop want to steal American parkland, which belongs to the citizens of all the states, for the selfish benefit of a few in Utah. They are no better than common criminals and should be ashamed. Republicans claim to value the sanctity of the contract, but they now want to go back on the contract Utah agreed upon to gain entry into the Union.


I used to walk by a Federal Reserve bank on my way into work. If I was feeling poor I didn’t have the right to help myself to those government assets just because I lived near them. I would have been rightly arrested, and we should treat Chaffetz and Bishop’s attempts to steal American land the same way. It’s time for Chaffetz to do his job and investigate President Trump’s countless conflicts of interest instead of wasting his time stealing from the American people.”


Patriotic Millionaire Art Lipson will be attending the town hall at 7:00pm MT tonight. For comment or to interview Lipson or others, please contact Kelsea-Marie Pym at or 202-446-0489.



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