Patriotic Millionaires Criticize Trump’s “Religious Freedom” Executive Order

Thursday, May 04


Relaxing enforcement of the Johnson Amendment allows dark money and secret donors to manipulate charities for partisan political purposes, tax free”


Washington, DC – In response to President Trump’s troubling executive order this morning directing the IRS to limit enforcement of the Johnson Amendment, the provision in the US tax code that prevents charitable organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates, the Patriotic Millionaires’ Chair released the following official statement:


“President Trump’s executive order only further damages the foundations of our already fragile democracy. The Johnson Amendment keeps charities and churches nonpartisan, and choosing not to enforce it will allow dark money and secret donors to manipulate charities for partisan political purposes, tax free. Citizens United – allowing the wealthy to spend whatever they want on politics – is no longer enough for Republicans. Now they want unlimited funds for politics to be tax deductible, making American taxpayers subsidize the politics of the rich while they drag charities and churches down into the political fray,” said Patriotic Millionaires’ Chair Morris Pearl, former Managing Director BlackRock, Inc.


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