Patriotic Millionaires Endorse Five Congressional Candidates

Wednesday, August 10

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Patriotic Millionaires Endorse Five Congressional Candidates

A group of wealthy advocates throws full support behind up-and-coming challengers in key swing districts.

Washington, DC – Today, the Patriotic Millionaires, a collection of high net-worth Americans united in their concern about the destabilizing concentration of money and power in America, announced their next slate of Congressional endorsements, backing five candidates running for the House of Representatives.
With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, Democrats are going into the midterm elections after delivering on some of the core tenants of the Biden administration’s economic agenda: bolstering the IRS to go after wealthy tax cheats and enforcing a minimum corporate tax rate so no billion-dollar corporation pays a 0% tax rate again. Though this is a major victory, it is only the first step forward in tackling the out-of-control inequality that’s gripping our nation. If we want to enact the entirety of the Biden agenda, like equalizing capital gains rates and a national $15 dollar minimum wage, then the party needs to shore up its majorities in Congress by electing progressive economic champions.
Every single Republican in the Senate voted against the IRA bill, and it’s very likely that every single Republican in the House will also vote against this bill. This is just further proof that the Republican caucus is outright opposed to economic justice. In order to ensure another monumental victory like this in the future, it’s critical that we have lifelong tax champions who would fully pursue the President’s economic agenda in the House of Representatives. 
The five candidates listed below have earned our endorsement by demonstrating their dedication to fighting for a more equal country for all Americans, not just the wealthy elite:
Ann Roe (WI – 01)
  • Running against Rep. Bryan Steil
Jamie McLeod-Skinner (OR – 05)
  • Running against Lori Chavez-DeRemer
Greg Casar (TX – 35)
  • Running against Dan McQueen
Ashley Ehasz (PA – 01)
  • Running against Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick
Hillary Scholten (MI – 03)
  • Running against John Gibbs
Previous endorsements by the Patriotic Millionaires in the 2022 cycle can be found HERE.
In conjunction with this exciting news, Erica Payne, President and Founder of the Patriotic Millionaires said,
“We are beyond thrilled to be working with these champions of ordinary Americans to enact the President’s economic agenda. These five demonstrate the exact kind of Congressional leadership that this country needs more of – each strongly advocates for all Americans, not just the rich and powerful, and unapologetically fights for a strong vision of the future that addresses the needs of working families. We know that, like the Patriotic Millionaires, they are committed to taking on millionaires, corporations, and corrupt political elite that are using their power in Washington to rig our system against ordinary Americans. We look forward to working with them on the Hill.”
“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Patriotic Millionaires.”, said Ann Roe, Candidate for Wisconsin’s 1st district. “It is time that millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share in taxes. When elected, I will always advocate for working families.”
“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Patriotic Millionaires. I’m running to level the playing field for all working families in Oregon and that includes working across the aisle to ensure big corporations pay their fair share and everyone has access to a liveable wage,” said Jamie McLeod Skinner, Candidate for Oregon’s 5th District. “Patriotic Millionaires understand what we are seeing and hearing on the ground every day. We need elected officials who won’t serve millionaires and their special interests at the expense of working people.”
“I am honored to be endorsed by the Patriotic Millionaires, who understand that protecting democracy and building an economy that works for all of us is more important than growing their own personal wealth, said Ashley Ehasz, Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 1st District. “Our democracy and our rights are all on the line in 2022, and we cannot afford to allow anti-choice Republicans like my opponent Brian Fitzpatrick stay in Congress, now that Roe v. Wade is overturned. As a combat veteran who served her country for nearly 13 years, I am battle-tested and ready to honor my oath to defend the constitution in Congress.”
“I’m proud to have the support of Patriotic Millionaires in my run for Michigan’s Third Congressional District,” said Hilary Scholten, Candidate for Michigan’s 3rd District. “My campaign has and will always be centered around fighting for working families and their best interests. I’m headed to Washington to make sure our economy works for everyone and am proud to have the support of an organization that shares that same goal.”
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