Patriotic Millionaires Launch Multi-Pronged Midterm Assault on GOP Tax Bill

Tuesday, July 31

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018


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Patriotic Millionaires University ( prepares candidates to “Defeat the Traitors Who Sold Out America”


Washington, DC – This morning, the Patriotic Millionaires organization launched Patriotic Millionaires University (, a candidate training website designed to help challengers “defeat the traitors who sold out America” when they voted for last year’s massive rewrite of the federal tax code.


The new site – which highlights Republican leaders admitting the tax bill was a “must deliver” for GOP donors – calls the new Republican tax code a “payoff to the donor class that will be paid for by the middle class.”


As part of this campaign, for the first time in its history, the organization will be endorsing candidates for federal office. See the application for endorsement HERE


“Voters think the economy is rigged, that the richest people in the country are capturing all of the benefits of the economy and that the basic needs of American citizens are being ignored by politicians who only serve their political donors. They’re right,” said Patriotic Millionaires Chair Morris Pearl, a former managing director at Blackrock, Inc. “The new Republican tax code blatantly rigs the economy in favor of the donor class and against the middle class and anyone else who actually works for a living.”


Founder and President of the Patriotic Millionaires Erica Payne said, “If Americans understand what is actually in this obscene bill, they will throw the sellouts who voted for it out of office. We intend to do everything we can to help teach voters exactly how badly they just got screwed over.”


Last year on a strict party line vote, Republican politicians rewrote the entire federal tax code. The new code:

  • rigs the economy in favor of the donor class against the middle class.
  • permanently disadvantages people who bring home a paycheck over those who makes their income off of investments.
  • transfers more than a trillion dollars out of the nation’s bank account into the pockets of the millionaires and corporations who fund political campaigns.
  • rewards companies for moving American jobs overseas.
  • hand millions of dollars tax-free to the children of millionaires.

And the hedge fund managers President Trump railed against on the campaign trail? Well, they’re still “getting away with murder.” The GOP managed to rewrite the entire federal tax code without closing the one loophole President Trump said he cared about.


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