Patriotic Millionaires Release Highly Critical Statement on the Attempt to Kill the Independent Ethics Office

Tuesday, January 03


January 3, 2017

Contact: Kelsea-Marie Pym


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This needs to be seen as a warning shot across the bow of American democracy”


Washington, DC – In response to the horrifying news that House Republicans attempted to gut the Independent Ethics Office, the Patriotic Millionaires’ Chair has released the following official statement:


“When you see Americans complaining about the ethics issues, there are really two possible solutions: one is to improve the ethics, the other is to get rid of those complaining. Obviously, we think improving the ethics is the right solution.


While it is a relief to see that better heads have prevailed against this egregious proposal, this needs to be seen as warning shot across the bow of American Democracy. We can not and will not let politicians of any party function without accountability to the American electorate, ” said Patriotic Millionaires’ Chair Morris Pearl, former Managing Director BlackRock, Inc.


Here is what other Patriotic Millionaires across the country said about the attempt to dismantle the Independent Ethics Office:


“A man without honor is worse than dead; a House without Ethics is worse than a kleptocracy. Not only should government be free of corruption, government should be seen to be free of corruption, and gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics undermines faith in government at a critical time – trying to achieve the latter by suppression, without first achieving – or at least minimizing – the former,” said Patriotic Millionaire Bennet Yee, Software Engineer.


Why would Congress kill the Independent Ethics Office without even debating the issue? What is there to hide? If it was ineffective or unnecessary, then the reasons should be given for us all to appreciate. Since it was effective in sending three representatives to jail – one Democrat and two Republicans – it is not a partisan issue,” said Patriotic Millionaire John Hooker, Professor.


“A democracy’s openness is one of it’s great and shining strengths, just as the flip side is true for the dark power of secrecy in a totalitarian regime. The outrageous, undemocratic machinations and actions by this Republican cabal will one day be the opening scene in a harrowing movie about how we almost lost our country to despotism,” said Patriotic Millionaire Friedrike Merck, Sculptor.


House Republicans have rung in the New Year and a new administration by deciding that their very first order of business should be killing the House’s Independent Ethics Office The President Elect who promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington has instead refused to deal with his own business conflicts and many of his candidates for cabinet level positions have yet to make the required financial disclosures to the Senate. The House has seen this as a green light to excuse corruption in its own ranks. The message to the public is clear – the President, his cabinet and Congress are free to personally benefit from their positions because they are above the law,” said Patriotic Millionaire Patricia Martone, Patent Trial Lawyer.


“They promised to drain the swamp, instead they chose to inflame the swamp,” said Patriotic Millionaire Art Lipson, Investor.


“Republicans only care about ethics – and deficits – when Democrats are in control,” said Patriotic Millionaire Charlie Fink, Producer.


“The first casualty of war is truth. The first casualty of a Republican Congress is ethics,” said Patriotic Millionaire Guy Saperstein, Independent Law Practice Professional.


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