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Brainwashed by Arthur Laffer

In the byline of his recent Forbes op-ed, Michigan’s Romney Was Brainwashed – By The Income Tax, writer Brian Domitrovic identifies himself as a “scholar.” Michigan, Domitrovic explains, supposedly did itself in by enacting a state income tax 55 years ago and that its then governor, George Romney, was brainwashed when he agreed to sign it into law. But it seems Domitrovic is the one … Continue reading Brainwashed by Arthur Laffer »

State Income Tax Cuts are Handouts to the Rich

With negotiations over President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda completely stalled, there unfortunately haven’t been many developments on the tax front on Capitol Hill these days. There have, however, been significant developments in tax policy on the state level, and not for the better. Many states have found themselves flush with cash as the economy rebounds from the pandemic; jobs have grown and consumers are … Continue reading State Income Tax Cuts are Handouts to the Rich »