Merger With Wealth for the Common Good


The Patriotic Millionaires are delighted to announce their merger with Wealth for the Common Good, a network of over 5,000 high net-worth individuals and business leaders who share the Patriotic Millionaires’ goal of a fairer tax system. Wealth for the Common Good was co-founded by Chuck Collins–author and senior scholar at the Institute for Policy–who will be joining the board of the new combined organization.

Since its inception, Wealth for the Common Good has worked to close billionaire loopholes curb tax haven abuse, and prevent the repeal of the estate tax on inherited wealth–all issues that make it an ideal partner for the Patriotic Millionaires. The two organizations have a successful history of collaboration, including a joint push for letting the Bush tax cuts expire from 2010-2012. This new unified Patriotic Millionaires will draw on this history to act as powerful force continue to tackle these issues, as well as address new concerns like money in politics and raising the minimum wage.

“This merger marks a pivotal moment in the fight to build a stable, prosperous future for our country. The members of this group are passionately committed to promoting policies that serve everyone’s interests, rather than the whims of a small, wealthy elite,” said Patriotic Millionaires Chief Strategist Erica Payne.

Collins agreed, saying, “I’m energized and inspired that Wealth for the Common Good is merging forces with the Patriotic Millionaires to expand our shared efforts. Together we will be a powerful voice for fair taxes, higher wages, and a more robust democracy.”

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