Patriotic Millionaires Issue Statement on New York Legislation

Today, New York becomes the 17th state to enact reform laws intended to offset the corruptive effects of Citizens United. The legislation is aimed at greater transparency, ethics, and at strengthening existing rules prohibiting independent groups from campaigning for specific candidates.

“Although we are usually in favor of the weight of federal decisions, we are happy to see states making the critical decision to act in the face of federal gridlock. The amendment will allow for New York legislature to actively fight big money in politics- a step towards granting everyday Americans the knowledge that their votes will not be outweighed by the dark money of corporations, special interests, and lobbyists. As the 17th state to do so, New York adds to the nationwide mandate to get corruptive money out of politics,” Chair of the Patriotic Millionaires Morris Pearl, former Managing Director of BlackRock Inc.

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