Patriotic Millionaires Issue Statement on the 2016 Democratic Party Platform

Washington, DC- The Patriotic Millionaires commend the recently released 2016 Democratic Party Platform for including an indexed $15 minimum wage as a key first step towards restoring economic security for all Americans.

“I support the DNC’s decision to include a living wage of $15 in the official 2016 platform. The Patriotic Millionaires believe that raising and indexing the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour is a step towards a stronger economy for all. As business people and leaders, we know that it is in our best interest when consumers have more money to spend. Millions of Americans in New York and California have already been promised the dignity to afford their basic needs with a $15 minimum wage- now the rest of the country can follow what we see as the only way forward,” says Patriotic Millionaires Chair Morris Pearl, former Managing Director BlackRock, Inc.


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