Defend the Estate Tax

Today, in response to President Trump’s trickle-down tax plan, the Patriotic Millionaires announced a vital new campaign: Defend the Estate Tax.

Led by Chuck Collins, heir to the Oscar Mayer fortune and author of several books on wealth and inequality, this campaign will center on the irreplacable role the estate tax plays not just in raising much-needed revenue from those who can most afford to pay, but also in preventing the rise of a permanent American aristocracy. The estate tax was introduced a century ago when economic inequality had reached such historic levels that it was considered a threat to national stability. We suffer the same level of imbalance today, and the elimination of the estate tax, as called for in Trump’s tax proposal, would only serve to expand the gap between the wealthy and the rest of America. In fact, by repealing the estate tax, President Trump himself will transfer billions of dollars that currently belong to the American people directly to Donald Jr, Eric, Tiffany, Ivanka, and Barron.

The first piece of the campaign will focus on a letter to the President and members of the House and Senate demanding they immediately stop all plans to decrease or eliminate the estate tax. Signees of the letter already include dozens whose estates qualify for the tax, and many more.

To add your name to the DEFEND THE ESTATE TAX letter and receive further updates on this important campaign, visit the website

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