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Oligarchy Comes for the Supreme Court

If you need more proof that America is slipping further and further into oligarchy, look no further than recent revelations about the Supreme Court. Oligarchy is a form of government in which a small group of typically wealthy and corrupt people wield power. It derives from the Greek words oligoi (“few”) and arkhein (“to rule”). Over at the Patriotic Millionaires, we regularly describe how oligarchs use their wealth to sway … Continue reading Oligarchy Comes for the Supreme Court »

Oligarchs aren’t just in Russia

Over the weekend, in response to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine under the direction of President Vladimir Putin, the US has joined Western allies in imposing economic sanctions on the Russian government and Russian oligarchs. These oligarchs, a small group of extremely wealthy (and infamously corrupt) individuals that have strong ties to Putin and the Russian government, are the target of a new task force … Continue reading Oligarchs aren’t just in Russia »