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Inequality In America Is More Than An Academic Term

It impacts how we live and even how long we live. It affects education, the length and depth of poverty in our nation, our ability to rise and make a new life for ourselves. Structural inequality means that public policies are made to benefit a very few instead of the mass of Americans. Despite vaunted myths about our democracy, average Americans have little or no influence on political decisions in the United States.

Utah Patriotic Millionaires Deliver Letter to Sen. Hatch

Millions of Utahns will file their taxes this week, but thousands of investment fund managers earning millions of dollars per year will pay at a lower tax rate than teachers, firefighters and most ordinary Americans. A group of Utahns, the Utah Chapter of the Patriotic Millionaires, want this changed and called on Senator Orrin Hatch to close the “carried interest loophole.”