Millionaires Reject Ludicrous Comments on Minimum Wage by Trump, Carson, and Rubio

The Patriotic Millionaires Reject Trump/Carson/Rubio’s “Ludicrous Remarks” On Raising The Minimum Wage

Group of millionaires support raising the minimum wage as method to spur economic growth

Washington, DC – The Patriotic Millionaires, a group of over 200 Americans with annual incomes of at least $1 million and/or assets of at least $5 million, released the following statements in response to the comments made regarding minimum wage at last night’s Republican debate by Mr. Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, and Senator Rubio.

Patriotic Millionaire and Founder of The Men’s Warehouse and zTailor George Zimmer said, “To reject any increase in the minimum wage is tantamount to admitting that you both disdain facts and evidence-based solutions and that you are suffering from an almost pathological lack of compassion.”

“The Republican responses to questions on the minimum wage are ludicrous. The fact is that no one can live on the minimum wage in this country. The economy is on the mend and we need to make sure all boats have a chance to rise. We need to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and we need to do it now,” said Patriotic Millionaire and Amalgamated Bank CEO Keith Mestrich.

“Last night, a billionaire, a handful of millionaires, and a senator who doesn’t show up for work but collects his paycheck anyway got together to talk about how stop wage increases for American workers.  It’s hard to imagine a more staggering irony,” said Patriotic Millionaire and Co-Founder & CTO of Virgin Charter Ron Garret.

“The Republican candidates in the recent debate simply have a remarkably naive understanding of what has happened to our middle and lower class since Reagan. Increasingly, the rewards are going to the most wealthy, while middle class and lower wages remain stagnant. They all promise to miraculously solve the problem simply with increased economic growth. The rewards of the technological revolution are going to capital and top executives, not to workers. This is a role for government, to assure that our workers are fairly treated. Do we really believe that any of these candidates want their children working for less than $15 per hour?” said Patriotic Millionaire and Vice Chairman of the Pacific Vision Foundation Dale Walker.

“Raising the minimum wage puts more money into the hands of the consumers who drive our economy. It is a simple equation: higher wages equals increased consumer spending, which makes American businesses grow,” said Patriotic Millionaire and Founder of the International Academy of Web Television Brady Brim-Deforest.

“There has never been a more critical time to raise the minimum wage,” said Morris Pearl, Chair of the Patriotic Millionaires. “Smart capitalists know that in order to thrive, a consumer economy like ours needs customers with money to spend. Raising the minimum wage will put more money in the pockets of people who will spend it.  That spending will create jobs which in turn will fuel more demand. The vast majority of Americans understand this, that’s why they support raising the minimum wage.”  

“Raising the minimum wage is one of those ‘political no-brainers,’” said Patriotic Millionaire Lawrence Benenson, Chair of Benenson Capital Partners.

“More people are going to have more money which they are going to spend and create jobs,” said Patriotic Millionaire Dennis Mehiel, CEO of U.S. Corrugated Inc.

Here are the candidates statements regarding minimum wage at last night’s debate:

Senator Marco Rubio: “If you raise the minimum, you’re going to make people more expensive than a machine.”

Mr. Donald Trump: “There is nothing that we do now to win… Wages are too high… I hate to say it, but we have to leave it (minimum wage) the way it is.”

Dr. Ben Carson: “Every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increases.”



The Patriotic Millionaires are a group of 200 Americans with annual incomes of at least $1 million per year and/or assets of at least $5 million who are committed to building a more prosperous, stable and inclusive nation.  The group focuses on promoting public policy solutions that will advance political equality and reverse extreme wealth disparity.  The Patriotic Millionaires have appeared on hundreds of media outlets here and abroad from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to PBS NewsHour. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and many others. You can find more coverage at and more on the group at

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