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A Tale of Two Billionaires

America is writing a new chapter in its history books that could be entitled: “A Tale of Two Billionaires.” On one side of the story is Yvon Chouinard, the founder of the popular outdoor apparel company Patagonia. Chouinard made headlines this week when he did what most billionaires would consider unthinkable: he gave his entire fortune away. Chouinard transferred ownership of Patagonia, valued at $3 billion, to … Continue reading A Tale of Two Billionaires »

Understanding the Ableist Subminimum Wage During Disability Pride Month

Although many do not realize it, pride doesn’t end in June–it rolls right into July with Disability Pride month! With more than 61 million Americans living with a disability, and many more likely to develop some form of disability throughout their life, this month is desperately needed. Unfortunately, this significant minority is often overlooked by society and grossly discriminated against in the labor field. Workers … Continue reading Understanding the Ableist Subminimum Wage During Disability Pride Month »

Gig workers deserve better

In recent months, employees at a number of big-box corporations – most notably Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, REI, and Trader Joe’s – have taken historic first steps in organizing unions. For far too long, these and other companies in the service industry have treated their employees poorly, so it’s great to see workers all over the country join forces to fight back. As it happens though, these brave employees leading unionization efforts … Continue reading Gig workers deserve better »

Congressional Staffers Deserve A Union

On Friday, a group of Congressional staffers announced that they are organizing a union for employees that work for members and committees on Capitol Hill. This push for unionization comes on the heels of the rise of an Instagram account, Dear White Staffers, that exposes the extremely low pay and poor working conditions that junior employees experience in legislative chambers. Every worker deserves to be paid fairly and … Continue reading Congressional Staffers Deserve A Union »

Economic justice starts with workers’ rights

Yesterday, The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales, a documentary-style film co-directed and co-produced by one of our very own members, Abigail E. Disney, premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. While the film isn’t available for public consumption (yet!), we wanted to take some time to discuss its contents along with the broader worker empowerment movement that is taking place in America today. The … Continue reading Economic justice starts with workers’ rights »

American Workers Are Fed Up and Fighting Back

This week, an unprecedented number of workers around the country have gone on strike. Over 100,000 workers across a variety of industries have voted to vacate their positions and join picket lines, demanding better wages, hours, and working conditions from big-box corporations and their C-suite executives. In light of this, the AFL-CIO cheekily renamed this month “Striketober” on Twitter. Striketober is just one of many … Continue reading American Workers Are Fed Up and Fighting Back »


This year, the incoming chill of fall is carrying more than just autumn leaves – it’s bringing with it the winds of change. Workers across America are saying enough is enough in response to stagnant wages, brutal working conditions, and mistreatment of workers in the midst of a recession, global pandemic, and skyrocketing corporate profits. Over 100,000 organized workers from across the country have authorized … Continue reading Striketober »

The Value of Labor

As we come out of Labor Day weekend, let’s talk about labor. More specifically, let’s talk about the way the law treats labor. You’ve likely heard dozens of politicians talk endlessly about how American workers are the backbone of our country, and how the value their labor creates for their communities is what makes America great. But talk is cheap. When it comes to what … Continue reading The Value of Labor »

13 Senators Oppose Helping Their Very Own States

The federal minimum wage has remained at a deplorable amount of $7.25 an hour since 2009, despite the substantial increase in worker productivity and costs of living across the country. Luckily, The Raise the Wage Act of 2021 was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on January 26th to remedy this injustice.   As President Joe Biden pushes for the increase of the minimum wage … Continue reading 13 Senators Oppose Helping Their Very Own States »

Undocumented Workers Are Essential. Let’s Treat Them Like It.

As an American who has benefited immensely under our system of capitalism, I so want to believe the purpose of capitalism is to increase happiness for all. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, is prompting me to ask questions that challenge that belief. Questions like: who do we take for granted in our society, when the reality is that our society depends on them? The Coronavirus has … Continue reading Undocumented Workers Are Essential. Let’s Treat Them Like It. »

How Can the US Contain Coronavirus and Rescue the Economy? Start with Helping Low-Income Workers.

This week, as the Coronavirus pandemic spread in the US and stock market volatility sparked flashing red alarms for the national economy, the Trump administration floated several proposals for stimulating the markets and staving off a recession. The problem is that none of the proposals thus far adequately address the needs of the most vulnerable group amid this pandemic – low-income workers.  Right now, 6 … Continue reading How Can the US Contain Coronavirus and Rescue the Economy? Start with Helping Low-Income Workers. »

Year In Review: 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, let’s take a moment to look back at the major events that impacted the state of the economy – and the national conversation around our three core issues – as we enter the new year, and the many policy developments this year that are giving us hope for better, brighter decade to come. 

When Corporations Say Employees Aren’t Employees

There are loopholes in the laws that allow employers to take advantage of their workers and avoid paying them or giving them benefits that they by rights are owed. As our economy changes in the face of automation, the gig economy, and new corporate employment schemes, we need to focus not just on how employees are treated, but on who counts as an employee at all.

Meet the New (Anti) Labor Secretary

This week, barely noticed amidst all other, bigger headlines in Washington, the Senate confirmed a Labor Secretary who will be a disaster for working people. A corporate lawyer by the name of Eugene Scalia, with an anti-labor, anti-worker record longer than the list of labor complaints against the Trump organization, will be the country’s top authority on protecting workers and fighting for labor rights. In … Continue reading Meet the New (Anti) Labor Secretary »

The Economy Has Changed. Why Hasn’t the Minimum Wage?

This Sunday, June 16th 2019, Congress will add a dubious new record to its long history. This date will mark the longest ever period that the legislature has gone without raising the minimum wage since it first enacted a federal wage floor in 1938. Congress enacted the last hike, to the current minimum of $7.25 an hour, on July 24th, 2009. That means it’s been … Continue reading The Economy Has Changed. Why Hasn’t the Minimum Wage? »

The Golden Arches Stand Down in the Fight for $15

“Ultimately, progress must come from all corners of society.” Those words came from an unlikely source on Tuesday, when Genna Gent, Vice President of Government Relations for McDonald’s, sent a letter to the National Restaurant Association announcing that the fast-food behemoth would no longer lobby against minimum wage increases at federal, state, or local levels. Instead, she said, the company would move to “advance – … Continue reading The Golden Arches Stand Down in the Fight for $15 »

$15 Minimum Wage a Win for All Illinoisans

The road to every working American being able to afford their basic needs took a big leap forward last week when Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed legislation to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. Illinois now joins the growing number of states who are listening to the concerns of their workers and challenges they face from rising wealth inequality and … Continue reading $15 Minimum Wage a Win for All Illinoisans »

Why Are Unpaid Internships Legal?

In November, Senator Schumer (D-NY) advertised a full-time press intern position for $0 per hour. If you are thinking, “This is not the America I know,” or “Democrats are better than this,” then we disagree. And we know different Americas. Unpaid internships are in line with the 96% of House Democrats and the 92% of Senate Democrats who also don’t pay their interns. The US … Continue reading Why Are Unpaid Internships Legal? »