The American People Deserve Tax Transparency

This April 18, millions of Americans will fulfill one of their most important duties as citizens of this great country…. they will pay their taxes. Teachers, police officers and construction workers will pay their taxes. I am a millionaire and I pay my taxes. We as a country need to know whether our President does the same.

In modern times, every single president has released their tax returns and led by example. This Tax Day, when millions of Americans are fulfilling their civic duties, President Trump should fulfill his obligation to the American people and release his tax returns. It is extremely important that the American people believe the tax code is fair and equitable, and it is far from this goal today. President Trump releasing his returns would be an important step in the right direction towards fairness and transparency.

There is a reason every president in modern history has released his returns. It demonstrates to the American people that there are no conflicts of interest in the Oval Office. Someone can claim to be an extremely ethical person, but ethics are not measured by how one relates to oneself – they are how one relates to others. This requires openness and transparent discussions, which are impossible without Trump’s tax returns.

The need for tax transparency has never been more critical than now, as President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan are preparing to address tax reform. They have already proposed tax cuts for the wealthy with their attempt to replace Obamacare. Instead of better care, their Obamacare replacement was welfare for the wealthy and hardship for the lower middle class and poor.

Our society is plagued by rising inequality. The poor and the middle class are struggling, and the American dream seems hollow. America does best when the middle class is thriving. We know this country is best when citizens believe the system works.

We need a tax plan that is fair, equitable and transparent. We need to lower taxes and eliminate loopholes. The President and the Oval Office must lead by example and be in front of this issue, which is only possible if President Trump releases his tax returns.

The American people need to believe there are no conflicts of interest in the White House. President Trump has a vast array of business ties that could conflict with his responsibilities as President. If the White House is advocating for tax policies, the American people need to know how the president and his family may benefit. Trust in government is at a low point, and Trump can take a significant step toward building that much-needed trust. It’s time for President Trump to release his tax returns.

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