Statement from the Chair of the Patriotic Millionaires on the Passing of Paul Booth

Following the passing of legendary activist and organizer Paul Booth, Morris Pearl, Chair of the Patriotic Millionaires issued the following statement:

Paul Booth is a part of the history that my children studied in school. He organized the first huge protests against the Vietnam war in the early 1960s and helped workers stand up for their rights when Ronald Reagan told America that unionized air traffic controllers were their enemies.

By organizing corrections workers and nurses, Paul and his colleagues at AFSCME enabled families to enter the middle class for generations, making new lives not just for the workers he organized but also for their children, their grandchildren, and the landlords and merchants in their neighborhoods.

I had the honor of meeting with Paul several times — I last remember seeing him at the beginning of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia when he stood at the podium to remind a new generation of activists and leaders which party stands up for working people.

Paul will be missed, mostly by Heather, but by many other people in the progressive community, and by many who clock in and out in hospitals and correction facilities who have never heard his name but whose lives are touched by his work.

Please click HERE or HERE to read more on Paul’s life and work.

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