Patriotic Millionaires Sends Open Letter Demanding Moore Attorneys “Correct Factual Errors” In Filings to the Supreme Court in Moore v. United States

Wednesday, October 04

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Patriotic Millionaires Sends Open Letter Demanding Moore Attorneys  “Correct Factual Errors” In Filings to the Supreme Court in Moore v. United States 

The Group Highlights Revelations Plaintiffs’ Attorneys Omitted or Willfully Misrepresented Relevant and Important Facts About Investments Made by the Moores 

Today, the Patriotic Millionaires sent an open letter to attorneys David Rivkin Jr, Partner & Andrew Michael Grossman of Baker & Hostetler LLP, who are representing the Moore family in Moore v. United States, demanding they swiftly correct several materially inaccurate statements in their filings for the upcoming Supreme Court case.

Specifically, recent reporting in Tax Notes demonstrates that Mr. Moore had a leadership role in KisanKraft (the company in which the Moores invested), that he received reimbursement from the company for travel expenses, and that he made additional investments not disclosed in the filings.

“These revelations contradict or were omitted in your filings, representing either a failure to perform due diligence on the basic facts of the case or a willful misrepresentation of those facts to the Court,” the letter reads. “Further, these inaccuracies have been disseminated and propagated in amicus filings, further obscuring the situation and making it nearly impossible to grapple with the circumstances of the case.”


Patriotic Millionaires goes on to insist the attorneys move to correct the errors in filings to the Court, including:

  • Claiming that Mr. Moore was “without any role in KisanKraft’s management.”
  • Claiming that KisanKraft did not “distribut[e] a penny to [the Moores]…
  • Claiming thatThe Moores never received any distributions, dividends, or other payments from KisanKraft.”

With hearings in Moore v. United States beginning this fall, Patriotic Millionaires is urging everyday Americans who are concerned about wealth inequality to pay close attention to the case.

“The Moores are essentially arguing they need to literally, physically receive money in order for it to be subject to income tax,” Morris Pearl, Chair of Patriotic Millionaires, wrote in a recent opinion piece. “They are suggesting that income realized by companies that they own is not taxable to them under the 16th Amendment. While all these constitutional questions are clearly complicated, the argument they’re making could result in a simple and outrageous conclusion: Taxing wealth (versus strictly income) — and wealth is what makes a billionaire a billionaire — is inherently unconstitutional. 

“In short, the court could take a huge leap to preemptively rule that certain tax structures are unconstitutional. If it were to do so, it would become needlessly complicated to tax wealth and unrealized gains, if not functionally impossible. The only people who would benefit from that are billionaires.”

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