Patriotic Millionaire Turned Social Entrepreneur

This weekend, Patriotic Millionaire Sam Polk is opening the first of hundreds of planned new restaurants that are bringing a whole new model of capitalism to bear on the issue of limited food choices and quality in poorer neighborhoods. Everytable will offer the same dish at two different price points. Higher costs in affluent neighborhoods, will offset lower profits in poorer neighborhoods where most delicious meals will be under $4. The goal? Regardless of what street you live on, Sam wants you to have access to affordable, quality, and nutritious food.

The New York Times wrote a glowing review of this social experiment just yesterday.

If you are in LA . . . .The Grand Opening of the first store is this Saturday, July 30th from 11am-3pm at 1101 West 23rd Street – there will be free meals, music, and lots of activities.

You can learn more about Everytable’s mission on their website.

Sam’s name may sound familiar – his 2014 op-ed in the New Yorker became an overnight sensation. The article detailed his disenchantment with Wall Street and the need to do something with meaning. Sam turned his magnificent article into a brilliant memoir, For the Love of Money, that just got an absolutely rave reviewin the New Yorker.

Enjoy some new reading, and if you’re in the area, enjoy some good eats!



Photo Credit: Everytable

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