Patriotic Millionaire Abigail Disney in the News

Patriotic Millionaire Abigail Disney has launched her directorial debut with her new film The Armor of Light. The film follows an Evangelical minister on his journey to end the growing toll of gun violence. Reverend Rob Schneck is known for his activism in the political far-right, and has stood as a fixture for the anti-abortion movement.

His pro-life values have assured him his role as the frontrunner for conservatives of faith, but the consistencies with these values may be what removes him from the spotlight. The Armour of Light tracks Rev. Schneck on his journey to preach about the pro-life movement from a new view, anti-gun.

The film also spotlights Lucy McBath, a mother whose unarmed son was murdered due to “Stand Your Ground Laws” in Florida. Lucy joins Rev. Schneck on his journey to end gun violence while also embarking on her own while she tries to overcome the loss of her son through political action.

Director and Patriotic Millionaire Abigail Disney was raised in a filmmaking family where picking apart stories and films were dinner conversations.

She says, “I am drawn to people who shake up the status quo, who put themselves on the line for what they believe in. They succeed because of, or possibly in spite of, doing the unexpected. They can be contrary, they can be bold, but they are willing to take risks for something bigger than themselves.”

Abigail is much like the bold and selfless people she makes films about, as part of the Patriotic Millionaires, she works against her self-interest asking for higher taxes and less political influence for people in her income bracket.

Watch the trailer for the film HERE.

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