Patriotic Millionaires in the Spotlight: Terry & Carol Winograd

This is a cross posting from Patriotic Millionaires Terry & Carol Winograd’s personal blog 7/29/16

We attended the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia and Carol got an unexpected moment of fame.


You can look at the original tweet to see this as a repeating animation in place of the still picture.
In addition to being on social media, this moment got picked up by all the news services on film.  You can see it in many places. One example video, from CSPAN, is
It was also on PBSABCNew York Times, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, Al Jazeera, Morning Joe, and a Korean newscast picked up by our cousin Bennett in Thailand. In all of them, Carol appears in the last 30 seconds or so.
We also appeared in a brief cameo earlier that evening when Bill was giving his talk:
The next night we got to the arena late and the only seats we could find were in the very top row almost behind the stage.  After the event ended, a young guy came up to us and said “Are you the woman who was crying…?”  He wanted to get a picture with Carol. Celebrity!
We also discovered, to our surprise, that Carol’s t-shirt was famous too.  We’ve had it for more than 20 years, given to her by Terry’s Mother, Florence Winograd, who was a very early feminist and peace activist. She would have loved to have seen this day arrive.

An article in the Washington Post alerted us to the fact that Anne Ruben, a 91 year old artist, designed the “Some day a woman will be PRESIDENT” t-shirt back in the ‘90s. Only back then, Walmart banned the shirt because it went against “family values.”

In addition to the big arena convention sessions, we went to a large number of other events by a wide variety of groups, including
Of course, we’re eager to work now for Hillary, and we’re pleased with the pick of Tim Kaine, whom Carol has gotten to know through her J Street work.  He is very progressive on the Israel/Palestine issue, and is a real “mentsch.”  Too few of those in politics nowadays.

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