Patriotic Millionaires in the Spotlight: Charlie Fink

The comedic play titled Who’s Your Baghdaddy? or How I Started the Iraq War, produced by Patriotic Millionaires’ own Charlie Fink, is this weeks New York Times Critics Pick! The off Broadway musical has received high praise for its ability to comically capture the absurdity of the Iraq war.

Who’s Your Baghdaddy? or How I Started the Iraq War was inspired by the true story of the group who led us into the Iraq War. It follows a group of spies whose vanity leads them into making the worst intelligence blunder in history, and arguably the worst foreign policy mistake in American history. The musical has been collecting amazing reviews for bringing new light to some of the darkest times America has faced.

The New York Times calls it an “important, cunning, rock solid musical comedy”, and the D.C. Theatre Scene claims “This play is a can’t-miss for anyone still bitter from the Bush Administration and not sure what to do about, which is to say, almost everyone… [The play is] hilarious, creative, clever, and, dare I say, inspiring.”

Charlie Fink has led more than 30 productions of various genres and is the Producing Artistic Director of the non-profit New Musical Foundation. Though Charlie has had many recent successes, his prosperity and passion stem from his earlier years working with Disney where he supervised the development of the classic animated musicals Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid and Aladdin. The Lion King was based on his original idea, “Bambi in Africa.” Charlie is a recipient of the 2014 Rule Breaker Award from the No Rule Theatre Company.

Outside of his career, Charlie Fink is an advocate for financial reform and economic justice and founder of The Other 98%. Charlie takes his advocacy to a new level with Who’s Your Baghdaddy?as it addresses the serious issues of war with humor and music for an entertaining flare. Alongside his creative team, he has somehow found a satirical way to make war a laughing matter. As the Voice of America has said “[The musical] leaves the audience laughing, but – like all good satires – thinking as well.”

Read more of the incredible reviews on Who’s Your Baghdaddy? or How I Started the Iraq War and buy your tickets to a showing today!

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