Happy Tax Day! Let’s Tax the Rich

[In honor of Tax Day, we’ve decided to release an excerpt from Tax the Rich! How Lies, Loopholes, and Lobbyists Make the Rich Even Richer by Morris Pearl and Erica Payne. Order your copy today!] There’s a reason that rich people and politicians focus most of their attention, their lies, and their behind-the-scenes manipulation on our tax code: it’s one of the single most important … Continue reading Happy Tax Day! Let’s Tax the Rich »

North Carolina Tax Amendment Jeopardizes Students’ Futures

Tuesday, North Carolinians will be able to vote on a ballot initiative that would change the economic trajectory of our state for generations to come. I’m talking about the amendment to lower the maximum tax rate on incomes from 10% to 7%. If approved, this change would severely hurt our state’s ability to govern effectively, as well as compromise the integrity of our education system. … Continue reading North Carolina Tax Amendment Jeopardizes Students’ Futures »

Boehner Right-Hand Man Mike Sommers Carries (Industry) Interest on Carried Interest

Last week, the Private Equity Growth Capital Council announced Mike Sommers, former Chief of Staff to Speaker of the House John Boehner, as its incoming president and CEO. The trade association has been at the center of a battle over the carried interest loophole, a ridiculous rule in our tax code that allows managers of private investment funds to pay capital gains rates on money they earn managing other people’s money.

Tell CNBC: Ask Republicans for a ‘Show of Hands’ on Minimum Wage

“Is there anyone on stage – can I see hands – who is willing to pledge their support to a policy that would save taxpayers millions of dollars, decrease dependency on government programs, and provide a significant boost to the economy while simultaneously re-asserting a central tenet of the American social contract? Again, we’re looking for you to raise your hand now, raise your hand now if you will make that pledge tonight.”